Worth Dying For - Scene #5



Date: May 22, 2012


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"Worth Dying For - Scene #5"

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Humanity pleads, screams, cries, and begs to be told it matters somehow.
Mankind yells defiantly at the storm its refusal to be forgotten and

All of this goes unheard and unheeded. Neither in obstinance nor in
desperation does the answer we desire reach our ears.

Perhaps we can not hear 'You matter' over our own voices. But if we end
our rebellion and there is no answer waiting for us, can we ever again
bear to hear our harsh, grating tones? When we have been crushed under the
weight of despair, and the ringing of silence has pierced our souls, does
an answer that will never come even matter?

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If you hear nothing else, you will eventually hear a dreadful ringing. The
sound of silence, thus, is a bell that makes pain instead of music.

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