Worth Dying For - Teaser #1



Date: March 9, 2013


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"Worth Dying For - Teaser #1"

Unknown location

(This is a teaser for a plot that will be beginning relatively soon. There
will be more of these as the plot progresses, one for each 'Episode'. Each
Episode will be created by putting together multiple logs from multiple
people/scenes, to give the feel of an actual episode of Naruto.)

"My name is Muuri. I'm the only one who left that place alive. We went
there to claim a bounty head… A man we were told had stolen the strange
'lightning swords' of a dead member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden
Mist. I've fought in every war from the last decade of the Clan Wars up to
the present, on one side or another. I've never seen anything move so fast
in my entire life. Our leader, Yagama, had his sword to the bounty head's
throat. Yagama was a veteran too. Both men were standing still. Yagama's
sword was touching that half-burnt criminal's flesh. In the time it took
for Yagama to push his blade forward in an attempt to part flesh with
steel, the target had already killed half of us. He was everywhere at
once. No one could hit him. No one even came close. It was like fighting a

"I said I was the only one who left that place alive. You might think that
means that I claimed the bounty successfully. In truth, I was just the
only one who didn't draw a weapon or try to attack. He let me live for
some reason. I don't know what the others died trying to kill…

"I don't think it was alive to begin with."

On the next episode of Naruto MUSH: Rivalry 2.0, "The Thief and The

To move is to live. Does that mean only the dead remain still?

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