Yakuza Beating


Atara, Jinsei

Date: September 5, 2010


Atara and Jinsei have a sparring match, and as usual they go a little too far. ((This is a test for a new way to do combat where the attacker rolls, the defender defends and THEN the attacker poses. Starting poses are small so as to make sure the system was working alright.))

POSTER'S NOTE: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Yakuza Beating"

Beach outside of Kumogakure

Jinsei and Atara square off at the beach, standing about ten yards from each other. "I hope your ready." she says with a grin. It had been a long time since they had a good spar. This would be fun.

Jinsei focuses his chakra while he quickly assembles his cue stick. Once the two pieces are nice and snug together, the milky-eyed missing nin activates his Byakugan and grins. Locked, cocked, and ready to rock.

Atara takes a few quick steps forwards with a grin on her face. She throws a stomping kick at Jinsei's chest, but the man easily avoids it.

Slipping the kick, Jinsei wings his cue stick around for a tenketsu point located along Atara's back leg. The blow lands smartly and the Hyuga eases off and prepares to deal with Atara's counter attack.

Atara drops to one knee as the Ki in her leg is disrupted. The pain was immense, but she was used to it. Forcing herself to her feet she spins around and attempts to grab the man by the neck, but misses by inches as she falters on her numb leg. "Damnit!" She leaps off her good leg and and throws a flying knee into the stomach of Jinsei.

Swaying from the grabbing hand, Jinsei fails to bring his cue stick up to block the follow up attack in time. The blow sends the Hyuga staggering back a couple of feet, and while his stomach churns from the attack, he has no breakfast to toss. "Barnie hug it, I should be crushing your guts, not the other way around", Jinsei mutters rather audibly.
Like lightning, a kunai is pulled from Jinsei's fine silk sleeve and whipped at Atara's stomach in retaliation. His eyes widen in shock as his childhood friend strides like a terminator toward him, letting the kunai bounce off of her harmlessly. "Oh… Oh pumpkin!", he freaks out, and quickly makes another jab with his pool cue, this time at Atara's good leg. When it didn't produce nearly the same kind of effect as the last one, Jinsei rushes to back up, giving ground to Atara and readying himself for the hurt.

Atara grins as the kunai bounces uselessly off her stomach. The pool-cue to her good leg made her fight a wince of pain, but strangely the very Ki she pushed to the skin that Jinsei drained helped her lessen the chakra's effect on he body. The woman stands still, hands held loosely at her side. Her ki starts building up, and doing so quickly. "Jinsei, you have been practicing. Want to see something new? I promise, It won't hurt. Too much."

"Huh?", Jinsei utters, a little shaken that Atara hadn't tried to plant his head yet. Relaxing, he brings the end of his cue stick up and brushes some invisible dust off of it before grinning. "Nah, I'm just that good!", he boasts. Actually, he had been practicing since they left Konoha - Make sure he was in top shape for when the hunter nin finally caught up to them. Of course, like fuck he was going to admit to that.
When Atara asks if she can show him something that didn't sound like a hot friend she had made since coming here, or her diary, Jinsei quickly shakes his head. "Like cheese!", he spits, getting back into his stance, "Not without a fight, anyway!". Noticing her chakra levels rise, Jinsei charges her and lets loose with a quick three-hit flurry that was only successful on one shot. Pulling his cue stick from the dead center of her chest, the hedonist leaps backward and curses under his breath for the shortcoming. This was going to deflate.
Atara slips one of the chakra-infused cue strike to her chest, yet the second is fast enough to catch her in the chest. The third hits her in the chest but it is similar to hitting a brick wall, even to the point of bending the pool cue slightly. The girl reaches out with an invisible hand of Genki to wrap around Jinsei, but the man is able to get out of the way, being able to see the energy. He is not, however, fast enough to stop her own fist from clenching around his throat and thigh in an iron-tight grip. She leaps high into the air, high above the treetops and higher still. "Gorilla…. SLAM!" She then lets go of the man, grabs on again to the man's ankle and slams Jinsei with the very planet. A shock wave blast effects a couple hundred feet, sending sand in every direction. Water quickly rushes in to fill the small crater. Atara lands smoothly atop the water just moments later. "…. Maybe a bit too much."

Jinsei surfaces a little after the water fills the crater, and even then, it's rather more like floating. You know, sort of like what happens then you go fishing with exploding tags. The wind knocked out of him, his head pounding, and his body battered til it felt like it was going to fall apart, Jinsei barely manages to grope his way to the edge of the water. Having avoided drowning, the Hyuga coughs and sputters.
"Y-You think!?", Jinsei howls, spitting up blood afterward. With the adrenaline flowing, the Hyuga manages to pull himself to his feet and launch himself at Atara. A lightning fast thirty-two strikes blaze across the woman's front side and all thirty two of them useless. In a flash, Jinsei is behind her and cranking out another thirty-two blows, only to fail to get through the cloak of chakra that Atara conjures forth. "This pie is bananas!", Jinsei mutters, withdrawing from melee range to muster his chakra and activate a higher level of Byakugan.

Atara simply stands there as Jinsei continually strikes at her tenketsu points as a visible aura of Ki envelops her form, perfectly absorbing the many different strikes to her body. A long chain emerges from down the beach, "BOOYA, EPICURIST!" The chain comes at Jinsei in a wide arc, attempting to ensnare him. It is dodged just in time, even though the attack was made from behind. It is followed up by a brutal baseball-bat strike to the back of Jinsei's skull, but it is deftly defended by the Hyuga weapon. Kiru stands there for a moment, his hand vibrating from the force of the strike. When the massive amount of veins erupt from the man's eyes, he drops the bat and chain and puts his hands in the air. "Truce!" Atara follows suit. "Not going that far, man. Don't try to kill us or anything!"
COMBAT: Atara finishes her turn.

The very second that Kiru says truce, the back end of Jinsei's weapon slams into his jaw, the Hyuga spinning round to deliver the attack. "Not cool man!", the veiny-eyed man shouts, "That was one-on-one dude, not cool!". When Atara starts waving the hippie flag of peace, Jinsei does a double-take. "Don't try to kill you!? How about not trying to kill me!?", he freaks, pointing with his cue stick to the crater his body had left when Atara slammed him good.
Powering down his bloodline, Jinsei begins to disassemble his weapon, grumbling the whole time. Hoping the movement would help keep the adrenaline pumping and the pain away, the Hyuga hauls Kiru onto his feet and looks over his jaw. "Put some ice on it and you'll be golden", he tells the gangster before taking a couple of steps from the beach. Something pulls just slightly the wrong way and Jinsei is instantly face down in the sand.
Cursing, he manages to stiffly roll over in the sand. "Crunch walking, just bring me an ice pack", he mutters, "And where are the chicks? Supposed to be a beach, right? I haven't seen a single bikini since we got to this OSHA-approved country".

Kiru gets floored by the butt end of the pool cue. He calls onto his rear and rubs his jaw painfully. "Owwww," he whines. He is hauled to his feet by Jinsei and nods his head. "Yrah… Hanks." he slurrs, wandring off to find something cold to jam his face into. Atara on the other hand laughs. "Hey, come on. You took it rather nicely." Her legs are shaking as if made of jelly. She can barely stand now that the adrenaline is leaving her system. Not to mention the trouble she is having pushing ki into her legs. Atara decides to let herself fall down onto the cool wet sand beside Jinsei. "Liar. I saw the grin on your face yesterday as we walked past the bath house. Now shut up, your voice is giving me a headache."

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