Yamamoto and Haruka Meet


Yamamoto, Haruka

Date: April 20, 2013


While on guard duty at the Konohagakure gates late one night, Uzumaki Haruka meets Katen Yamamoto, a shinobi from Iwagakure.

"Yamamoto and Haruka Meet"

Konohagakure Village Entrance

Village Entrance [Konohagakure]

The entrance to the Hidden Village of the Leaf Ninja is pretty well guarded. The entrance is kept tight with Ninja's identifying and querying foreign visitors, and even members of the village. Two large wooden towers are set near the gates where guards are constantly monitoring the inside and outside of the village. Two bells are set in both these towers in case of emergency and the guards need to assemble. The towers are at constant monitoring with Ninjas switching posts every few hours. People walking tread across grey concrete causing a clanking sound as they walk.

On both sides of this area there are several signs up for advertisements and shops inside the city, ranging from apartments, weapon shops and even sushi restaurants. The grey tiled pathway leads into three directions of north east, east and finally south east. Each direction heading to an uncertain destination.


You see a young woman, most likely in her mid to late teens from a casual visual inspection. Her soft and full hair is a rich, vibrant red; pulled back and pinned into loose bun on the back of her head by a rather ornate green carved-jade hair ornament, a few remaining stray locks slip down off her forehead in a sweeping profusion of wavy flaming tendrils or slipping back to frame the sides of her face. The foundation of her face and its features are soft and beautiful, clearly of the type born into a prosperous, successful clan; Often reinforced by a calm or cool look, even her smiles aren't broad or open. Ice-blue eyes gaze out at the world, giving the impression that you're staring into deep pale-blue glacier in snow country; they are often shining with intelligence, or appear like they are studying and looking through you. She stands at almost five and a half feet tall, with apparently soft and somewhat voluptuous feminine features; Some that she doesn't often wish to advertize to the world. Her skin is of a light tone, almost pale-white even. Sometimes making her appear as if she were always cold. All in all, she has the deceptive appearance of a soft and breakable snowflake, or gentile flower. Obviously not suited for ninja work.
Her slender neck is left bare by a soft violet, blue, and white patterned kimono, another jade ornament shaped with some sort of crest attached to a silvery necklace. The kimono appears to have a pattern of blue and violet waves all over it, depicting a violent storm; the waves capped with white embroidered highlights making them appear to 'pop' out and move about as she walks. On the back is a printed black and red crest of the Uzumaki clan. She wears the kimono in a very non-traditional, highly modified way. Though all the features of a traditional kimono is there, it's has a rather low neckline slightly revealing the top of pale white bandages in an apparently uncomfortable chest binding; It's also left sleeveless at her shoulders, revealing her slender but toned arms that are wrapped in what appears to be soft leather strips shaped and tied into fingerless gloves of a sort. The kimono has no traditional obi, instead tied with a pastel blue sash, with sown and attached easy to access pouches most likely for multiple ninja tools. The kimono stops below her gently flaring hips, resting nearly around or just short of her knees; revealing deceptively slender yet toned legs fit snugly into skin-tight dark violet leggings.

A young man in his late teens with ochre coloured skin. He is tall and muscular. His eyes are opal. He wears a dark red vest open in the front and dark red pants which are baggy, but brown wrappings cover the shins and calfs of the pants and keep them tight to the skin. Brown tabi cover the feet. Around his waist a thick bright yellow sash is tied to leave a pair of foot long tails hanging, and a matching yellow bandana tied in a skull cap covers his hair and bears an Iwagakure forehead protector. From the edges of his bandana spills thick shoulder-length black hair.

Gate Guard
An early forty year old Hyuga family member easily noted with his white eyes is seen wearing a grey attire and a pair of wooden slippers. A samurai sword, uncommon for his heritage is seen strapped around his left waist. He appears to be completely wise and experienced with a few cuts noted on his arms, face and a scar running across his left eye which is missing.

Haruka is bored and somewhat annoyed, not that many would realize this. One might say she almost always appears that way in some interpretations. Despite her emotional and mental boredom, she doesn't appear to let much of it to the surface in her expressions; or much of anything else for that matter. Her eyes gaze out into the night near the great wall and large gates that protect Konoha. Being a Chuunin always meant more responsibility, but that doesn't mean you still don't occasionally draw the short straw. Her mouth is set in an even line and her eyes look a bit dull, yet still as alert as she can be during the night at least. She is not alone, and another couple Chuunin are nearby, one in fact appears to be trying to engage her in conversation, with only curt nods or shakes of her head in response. It's about the third time the new Chuunin next to her attempts to proposition her with a trip to the sake bar later that she finally folds her arms over her chest and lets out a frown. "Busy…"

It being so late at night there are few, if any, people out and about in Konohagakure. Most of the lights are out, even for the late crowd, but not for the late late crowd or those few stumbling their way home. A rather flat seeming leather ball comes falling out of the sky and lands near the village gate, then bounces up, off of the wall, and then behind a nearby bush. A few seconds later Yamamoto, a ninja from Iwagakure, body flickers down into the area in front of the gate. He is facing away from Haruka and her companions, but the ever vigilant Hyuga gate guard is in front of him. Yamamoto looks around the area in front of him and scratches the back of his head. "I was sure it was going to land right around here," he says, apparently to himself. He looks over at the Gate Guard who only looks back at him blankly. Yamamoto asks the Gate Guard, "Really? You can't just help a guy out? I've got to get back to the inn."

The young man talking to her earlier looks more then a little startled by the sudden scene, some of that may have to do with the fact that he wasn't paying as much attention to his surroundings as he should. Haruka however has much the same reaction as the Hyuuga guard. She just stares at Yamamoto for a few seconds, not even speaking as she eyes him. She glances up to his face before finally speaking. "His job is to guard the gate. I do not believe he will deviate from that. Discipline…" She eyes the other Chuunin who was speaking to her earlier. "Is important." Her voice is calm, and the tone is rather cool though not outright cold. She's just obviously dispassionate in her demeanor as she speaks.

Yamamoto jumps a little when Haruka speaks and looks behind him. "Oh," he says, more out of surprise that someone else was here than anything else. He looks surprised again when he looks at Haruka, then smiles and folds his arms behind his back. "Ah - yeah. Discipline. On a mission. Right," he says, then chuckles just a little. He looks around at the area. "Just, uh… looking for my ball," he says, then notices it behind the bush. He backs away from Haruka and towards the ball saying, "Yeah. Anyway… thanks for the, um, advice." He walks over and picks up the ball.

"Hnn…" The young Uzumaki shrugs as she eyes the ball he said he was looking for. Then she glances back to him. There is a slight raising of her eyebrow at his reaction, but there isn't much more then that. "Not the inn?" Her head tilts to the side and her icy-blue eyes focus on Yamamoto's own. "What you said before." Her arms uncross from her chest and her right hand moves to rest at her hip. "Who are you?" Though she may be genuinely curious, her natural cold demeanor might come across as rather hostile for those who don't know her.

"Oh, sorry," Yamamoto says, locking eyes with her for a second, then looking up and away. Holding on to his ball, puts his hands behind his back and bows to her slightly, then he says, "I am Katen Yamamoto. I, uh, know where the Inn is. My brother… threw… the ball. He doesn't like the sound of it. Called it noise." Yamamoto grins a bit for just a moment. "And what is, I mean, I can ask your name?" He looks at her face again for a moment.

"Hn. You just asked." Haruka continues to eye him and the ball, her arms cross under her breasts and she lets out a very faint sigh. "Your brother… Tried to sleep. Yes?" Of course, just about when he may think that was the end of it, and that she wasn't going to give her own name she finally responds. "Uzumaki." Though first it would appear her clan name was the only thing Haruka was going to give him. Her cold icy-blue eyes continue to stare for a little longer before she finally glances back to the gate guard and the other two Chuunin nearby. "Haruka."

Yamamoto moves over towards a different part of the street. "Ah… Thank you, Uzumaki-san, for… Anyway. I should be going," he says with a slight bow and starts to jog. He looks over towards her again and calls out, perhaps a bit too loudly for such a late hour, "I'll see you again, Uzumaki-san." He then drop kicks his ball back into town and body flickers away across the roof-tops.

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