Yasushi's Raid


Hashiramako, Yasushi, Moriko, Kitai, Fuyumi, Gin, Meruin

Date: March 28th, 2010


Kirigakure comes to a Konoha Checkpoint to cause trouble. However, it just so happens the Kage was at the checkpoint doing a routine inspection

"Yasushi's Raid"

Checkpoint in the Land of Fire

It was a bright, but bitterly cold winter's day. A light dusting of snow had fallen in the night, but that wouldn't deter the Kage from checking on the security of the borders of the land of fire. She had pulled together a contention of shinobi, each specializing in different areas to join her on her inspection.
The day ticked forward, as they moved with haste, stopping at the various checkpoints. Some of them needed their supplies restocked, but that was done with ease from scrolls that had been carried with them. Perhaps the most welcome addition to the team that joined the kage that morning was the cooking nin, using a special summoning jutsu to pull freshly baked goods and hot prepared foods for the guards to replenish themselves in the cold.
As the scene starts in earnest, the Kage would be standing in a heated tented reading over some logs that spoke of the traffic that had come through the checkpoint that day. "Hmmm, someone just dropped off a shipment of toys to be given to the youth of Konohagakure?" she asked the checkpoint's captain. "Gee, that was sure nice of them." She commented idly as she continued to look through the log.

As the most junior Jounin, Mo just was bringing up the rear, the girl looking around curiously as she endeavors to keep up with the Kage as they speed along. When they stop to look over a manifest, Mo wanders to the boxes, the girl tilting her head before idly opening one to see what's inside. "Toys eh? Wonner what kind." She mutters and beams cheerfully now as she blithely starts to look through it, probably just 'checking the contents against the manifest.

Indeed, a cold winter day. The snow gave trackers benefit of finding their targets, be it shinobi or animals. However, that was the least on his mind for now. Standing outside of the heated tent, on "guard" was Amida Kitai. While he was on vacation, he was asked to acompany Hashiramako incase medical attention was needed, and he was happy to oblige. With him were many seals stuffed in his pack, along with many other items which could be used to heal various injuries, be it a cold or an accidental injury. The larger wounds could be handled by him directly with chakra.
Those chaotic eyes stare up at the cloudy sky, his hot breathe causing a mist to escape from his lips with each breathe. He was in his normal attire, geared up for what may come. The only difference is that over his clothes, remained a thick leather cloak tied and buckled up tight to keep him warm. His ears idly listen to the conversation on the inside as he looks around the area, listening.

Opening his eyes slowly after having landed their submersable raft along the shore well outside of any normal port, Yasushi would take off his rebreather and have them stored away by one of his acommpanying support nin. Even so, the squad he broguht along was rather small, only about eight strong altogether. Exhaling a heavy plume of heated carbon dioxide fro mhis nostrils, Yasushi would grin slightly. "It seems the Land of Fire knows just how hot it's going to get. Hibernate while you have the chance…" looking over his large shoulder towards those who had volunteered or been hired for this possible suicide mission with little in the way of support and much in the way of deniability given Yasushi had been the loudest anti-konoha word since day one, he would nod to Gin before saying, "I want you to take charge of Yoshimitsu and this… mercenary until we get to the check point. Hang back a bit and await for my signal. That will either be the squealing noises of gutted Leafer pigs, or well.. my being noticed and attacked. Your primary task is to make sure this check point burns to the ground. If you can do so without being spotted, all the better. Secondary is making sure to get those Leafer Scalps i asked for… unfortunately." Yasushi would say the last with a scowl as if he'd neverp refer that to be a secondary objective. "Let's move." he'd say before taking to the trees and allowing the waves to cause their landing to all but disappear.

Gin's smile seems to have not faded since the Chuunin was asked to join the mission, having dragged along one of the members of his team as well. As they departed, he had opted to change into something a little more conspicuous- the boys head and face completely wrapped up by black cloth, as wellas the rest of his body. Placing the rebreather and other such thigns required for aquatic mission next to Yasushi's, the boy smiles and nods… though he chooses not to speak.
Looking over at the other people that the Chuunin was now in charge of, he signals to them to get closer. "Yasushi-sempai has entrusted us with the… enjoyable part." He states plainly, and despite the cloth covering his mouth you can almost hear him smiling. "Remain with me in wait until he gives the signal, once that occurs we are to engage and burn the checkpoint to the ground…" He tilts his head to the side, and if you cuold tell by looking at him his grin would seem to grow. "Our secondary objective would be getting scalps of the Konohagakure Ninja we encounter if possible, for Yasushi-sempai. Understood?" The hiss of a whisper would be Gin's voice as the boy was ever so careful about what he said- relaying the information passed on to him by their elder with the utmost care.

Fuyumi had traveled somewhat behind, though once they'd reached the shore, she was quick to be closer. Listening to the orders, she turned her gaze vaguely to Gin and blinked her bright eyes with a thoughtful hum. She'd chosen to disguise herself as well, but it was quite a bit more intricate than simple cloth. Instead, it seemed to be a helmet, more a mask that covered her face and hair, though allowed her eyes full view ahead and peripheral.
"I gathered," she responded simply to Gin's repeated orders and looked toward the retreating Swordsman. The mask was shaped like a horse's face, long muzzle and muscle detail giving the black a distinct appearance. In addition, however, a single branching antler curved from the forehead and over the mane and ears. A Kirin.

The captain of the checkpoint nodded, "It was, a little weird, but it happens from time to time. Does Konoha need it? If not, I'll see to it that they get sent to the orphanage in Itaku Village." The captain said, knowing the kage really didn't usually like a lot of frills in the village. "Christmas is coming, I suppose we can distribute the toys to any orphans and single parent households in Konoha this time." She decided, "I'm not completely without the cheerfulness of the season." She said with a smile. The Kage and the captain continuing to converse for a moment before looking over to her junior jounin that had joined them. "Moriko-san, tell Kitai-san I said to go inspect the early warning system. There may be some tags that have been damaged with the weather last night. Then, I want you to take his guard of this tent while I finish taking going through the paperwork here." She stated.

Moriko nods slowly "As you wish Hokage!" She calls out, the girl then beams and leaves the inspecting of the cargo alone as she goes out to find Kitai. When catching up, She calls out "Hokage sama assks that you go check the early warning system and take a few guards with you. Meanwhile, I get to sit guard around here." She says and beams cheerfully as she gives a thumbs up. Mo then turns and heads toward where she was told to, the girl stretching her back as she puts her hands behind her head and walks, looking up as she does.

Kitai was right out side of the tent, and when she tells him that the Hokage asked him to check the early warning system he nods, "Take my position, and stay on guard. No fooling around, Moriko-san." He begins to walk away, his pack still on his back. He looks to two chuunin standing around a fire, "You two gentlemen, come with me." is ordered. With a nod they begin to follow him.
They take to the trees and he begins to move towards the system, his eyes scanning over the area as he moves about quietly, the two chuunin follow behind.

Maneuvering through the wilderness via the full evergreens and such trees that would maintai nthe lushness of this forested land, Yasushi would be carefuly to try to land on sturdiest branches as so leave as little movement of the snow falling as possible. He would even occasionally hop swiftly fro mthe snow using a more complex and well timed usage of water walking more so than tree walking in order to aid his approach. Still, after getting close to the objective, about a mile or so out, he would leave behind his more covert form of travel in order to simply walk down the road casually. Stretching his neck a bit as he moved, he slowed his pace only slightly for the rest as he would make his way down the road directly towards the front of the checkpoint.

Gin smiles as he nods, and then watches as Yasushi takes off immediately for their objective. The young Chuunin would wait for a few moments as he counts the seconds. To anyone looking, the boys breath is barely leaving the cloth as there isn't a large plume of mist escaping the confines of the black material. Looking over at the Mercenary he nods and then motions with his head- it was go time.
Moving swiftly, displaying an inherent talent for speed, the boy utilizes the water-walking technique to prevent himself from leaving footprints in the slow as he approaches the tree-line. Immediately, he transistions to running up the tree and moves with a swiftness through the canopy. As he goes, he pauses every now and then as he looks back to make sure the rest of the people he was in charge of were there and following orders- no need for mavericks on this mission, it needed to go down without any hitch. Looking forward again, the boy's eyes narrow as he begins to see the light from the checkpoint on the distant horizon. Of course, the entire time that smile is still ever-present on his face.

The woman's breath seemed to come from the nostrils of the mask, though it was probably just because of the material that funneled the air from her face to the end of the helmet to escape. Nodding slightly, Fuyumi was quick to follow after, seeming to have little trouble keeping up. She, however, didn't check on the others as Gin did. That being said, she had no reason to. It didn't seem she was leaving much footprints, likely because she used the same techniques but the trees were a different story. She stayed on the ground, perhaps just because she was more comfortable there.

It was quiet, but it should be right? I mean, well, you didn't really expect trouble, even if you are on a higher alert than normal. As far as Hashiramako was concerned, there was nothing imminent at the moment. So, she just sat at a desk in the heated tent, continuing to read through documents concerning the supplies on hand at the check point and note any particular items that were needed. Of course, the big thing was probably more seal paper and pre printed seals that are used on a routine basis. However, this station also needed dog food for the Inuzuka K9s that were stationed here. BORING work is BORING no matter who you are.

"Boooriiiing." Calls out Moriko, the girl rocking from foot to foot, before she starts hopping up and down onher toes whilst out doing what she's supposed to do. She then idly lifts a box she picked up from the shipment and looks inside "Kiitteeeeey." She mutters, then lifts a stuffed tiger out of the thing to look it over. "Soo gotta give this to little sis, it's so kyooote!" She calls out, the girl seemingly rather oblivious at the moment.

Kitai keeps the two Chuunin with him. They moved at the pace he set, doing well to keep at a close distant behind him. He wasnt sure the system would have been damaged by the weather, but it was possible. Either way, he had a job to do. He remained silent as his eyes scanned over the area. He had little to be suspiscious of however it had been some time since he had been outside of the village. A training experience for his perception, this could be used as. And he did so.

While Yasushi was out in the middle of the road, he certainly was not stumbling about like a fool. He walked casually, but he also walked carefully, as if there may be mine fields or something along the road. It was a very subtle dance of sure footing and a casual swagger, but he did end up discovering and slipping past a pair of seals that were hidden at about waist height behind a pair of bushes on the truck of two trees. However… he would walk over towards one, and wave his hand over it a few times. Raising a brow, he would poke at it…dozens of times before simply ripping it off and tearing it i nto a few pieces before continuing down the road. He was easiyl able to tell what sort of tag it was by the seal that was on it, but it was either broken, or used some sort of special mechanism to warn the enemy. Either way, he was curious as to what effect tripping it would have as he continued, starting to see the soft glow of light of the check
point ahead.

The tree's where a nice safe haven, Gin moving quickly and very quietly as he leaped between the branches and boughs. The boy's movements further masked by the dark colours of his new outfit, anyone getting a closer look would know that they weren't quite black- but a dark shade of blue. Looking down, he spots Mami and nods before he maneuvers around a pair of seal's placed on the truck- nearly tripping one but easilly sliding beneath it. He pauses in his movements as he tilts his head to the smile- smile widening even more as he stops and holds his hand up to signal to anyone else to stop. If that doesn't work, he makes an insanely quiet hissing sound when they reach their intended area. Now he'd simply play the waiting game, far enough away from the Checkpoint no to be spotted by visual means, but close enough to Yasushi's position to hear the signal once given.

Seeing the signal, Fuyumi came to a dead stop, crouching behind a tree just to be sure she was out of eyesight. Silently, she listened. Nothing more was needed at the moment. She wasn't searching for something, so there was no need to see or feel much of anything until her waiting was over. How she disliked waiting… Patience, however, was needed and she drilled it into herself, her ears straining to hear something, anything.

At the checkpoint, one of the dogs walked into the tent where Hashi was and barked three times. She lifted an eyebrow and shrugged. However, the handler and the rest of the point was on alert, watching the road as the lone stranger walked closer. The Captain popped his head in, "Nothing special, just a single person walking up the road." He said, offering her a quick salute before returning towards the gated check point. Hashi yawned slightly, and stood, her work almost done as she sunk into the ground. She knew the presence of a Kage would sometimes set a villager to being uneasy, so it was her plan to just sink into the ground and watch quietly.

Moriko blinks as there's some movement and a dog enters the tent? Mo peers upward and looks inside before glancing down the road now, the girl carefully starting to stuff the plushie tiger into her backpack to be given to her kid sister later. "Wonner what's going on." She mutters as she looks down the road now curiously, still maintaining her post for the time being.

Kitai moves to a slow as he gives a small hand signal for his pseudo team to do the same. He turns to them, "Begin to check the early alarm system." he then points to his left a further up, and his right a little behind them. Thats when they move and he begins to walk down the tree, looking over some of the seals that were in place. One specifically that was there. It didnt seem damaged and so he nods before moving back up the tree, before moving on, his team continuing to do the same. He points in another direction as they continue.

Was that a dog? Yasushi couldn't realyl tell… but if it was just some dog randomly barking it probably had little to do with a defense system he would think. Still… didn't that old geezer that came to ask for the Konoha brats to be released have some mutts with him? Yasushi would begin to chuckle. "A dog whistle trap… how.. uh… hmm appropriate if that is the case." he would muse largely to himself, only half believing in the possability. Still, Yasushi was of the highest calibur of intelligence gathering in Kirigakure, no matter what he expressed or showed on the outside, he was alot more clever and informed than he'd ever let on. He'd keep these little clues in his mind for now as he'd see basically one guy check up on the situation.
Making his way towards the check point, he would be met by one of the guards who would try to check him for his traveling papers, though he obviously looked at the large man that was armed oddly as he began to question him. Yasushi however would send his fist to ram up against the man’s throat and carry through all the way straight up, sending the man a good ten feet in the air before he had any real time to have fair warning of the attack and likely crushing his wind pipe. "Knock knock…" Yasushi would state before a crimson streak of lightning would light up the night sky and he would appear in the middle of the check point. "Sorry i'm late… i had better things to do than to end your lives."

Continuing to look out at the horizon line, Gin nods as he looks out and sees the crimson bolt of lightning on the Horizon. His smile seems to widen, though you couldn't tell by looking at him, before he starts to work himself up. He closes his eyes and nods, looking down at Mami and motioning with his head. Looking forward again, the boy would spring to life as he moves through the boughs of the trees with a blackened kunai in each hand- looking for the targets and still being very careful to avoid the seals that would set off the early warning signal to the rest of the checkpoint.

Fuyumi nodded somewhat and waited a moment for the others to dash off. After a simple blink, her eyes shifted colors, from dotted green to a bright golden yellow. Somewhat obviously, she didn't want this to be noticed by anyone. As she heads in after them, she stays to the ground still. This would be her traveling method until they got closer, when she'd have to use something to help her over the defense. She seemed attentive, of course, but perhaps not attentive enough.

Over her head, Hashi saw the bolt of lightning coming down towards the checkpoint. As she sat under the earth, she moved her chakra, with it, blending the water from the snow and the soil together, rapid germination from her chakra sent up a tree. It was relatively small, but it was big enough to catch the lightning, and pull its strike away from anyone and anything that may have been damaged by its strike. She hadn't expected it here, they weren't that near a port town. Perhaps that should have given her more suspicion that it would be here the enemy attacked, as this place may not have been as prepared for it. She bid her time, watching as best she could through the soft soil as she prepared for combat, should it come to that.
Meanwhile, another guard would charge towards Yasushi, his fist flaming fire to strike into the mist nin (wanna say 30).

Mo snaps dead awake and watches as Yasashi is attacked? She blinks and frowns, the girl's eyes darting around her as she moves forward slightly. Mo pauses and focusses briefly as she reaches into a pouch, the girl withdrawing a few small metal spheres from her pouch, the girl situating them between her knuckles near the base of her fingers as she waits to see what needs to be done for the time being, now just really taking up a state of readiness.

Kitai and his team of two Chuunin remain checking the early alarm system. It was when he was ready to move onto another area that he spots something; someone moving. Quickly after he hears the sound of lightning, or rather perhaps the sound of an explosion coming from the direction of the checkpoint. His eyes however remain on the person who was apprently trying his best to hide. He crouches and gives his team a few hand signals.
The two chuunin begin to move, slowly and in silence as Kitai remains settled on the branch. As he forms one silent seal, it was then his eyes notice Mami. There is a small stutter in his movements as he re-evaluates his plan. The two chuunin were higher up for support later, but perhaps he would need them now.
In a simple step, with a seal remaining formed he appears before Gin a few feet away on another branch, he examines him in silence before he finally speaks, "Greetings." is said as he looks to Gin, one of the chuunin jumping down infront of Mami. Kitai speaks from above, "Tell me. What reason is there for trying to sneak around so hard?" is asked.

Flames would be fired from the mouth at Yasushi as he stood in the middle of the enemy checkpoint in broad day light after what appeared to be a freak lightning bolt that ushered his arrival. He would reflexively roll around the attack and low to the ground as a kunai was drawn and spun around his fingers in to an under handed grip to cut the man open from his left thigh up to about two ribs deep into his chest and lung. Another shinobi would have come at him with a flanking thrust of a sword towards Yasushi's exposed back, only to find itself deflected by an unmanned blade. The weapon rolled around the sword with alien maneuvers no swordsman could ever do while wielding a weapon before his heart was thrusted in to by the small blade that levitated near Yasushi's side. Moving rapidly, he would leap on top of the back of someone who was trying to get to a better position and send an excessively powerful chop from his right hand into the back of
the man’s neck with a sickening crack.
As Yasushi stood up, he would glance around a bit for more roaches to stomp. "How does it feel to have your people die for no real reason other than a whim? There will be far more blood before I’m satisfied that my comrades are avenged, be certain of that."

Gin pauses in his motions as he stands upon the limb of a tree, crouched low as he hears the voice speaking towards him. The boy's shoulders rise and fall in what would normally indicate someone laughing, and of course a small chuckle does rise from deep in his throat. The boy rolls a shoulder for a moment before looking up at Kitai and tilting his head to the side, and when he speaks you can almost hear his smile. "Oh, I simply fancied a walk…" he states plainly, his voice laced with the poison of sarcasm as he motions over his shoulder toward the checkpoint. "Though, my master would prefer slaughtering the lot of you quickly and painfully…"
The staging area is alive with movement as the people there gather up and get ready to go, the light of day getting brighter as the sun rises higher in the sky. A few jostles here and there as the group of mercenaries and Kirigakure Ninja begin to move on toward the objective with great haste; having not only heard the signal but seen the crimson lightning arc down from the sky as well.
In the meantime, Gin continues to smile up at the person who had decided it would be a smart action to speak to the Chuunin, the boy shrugging his shoulders. "If you don't mind…" He states plainly, his fingers flexing around the Kunai while he looks up. "I have business to attend to thats slightly more important then entertaining both yourself and you're entourage…" Did he know if Kitai had people with him? One could assume. Theres a twinkle in the Chuunin's eye as he jumps to another bough, not turning his back on Kitai as he goes- aiming to head toward the checkpoint and get on with the slaughter.

As Kitai's voice rang out and one of his assistants dropped in front of her, the woman stopped and blinked. Her golden eyes scanned the Chuunin, the Kirin helmet nodding slightly to him as she did so. Only then did her gaze shift to the trees, looking for both her companion and the man questioning them. Gin's answer and reaction let a smirk play on her unseen lips before her attention turned back to the man before her. "Heh, please excuse me," she murmured through the mask, shifting to jump onto the closest branch and almost leisurely move past. It seemed as though she wasn't trying to necessarily pass them so much as lead them toward Yasushi.

Meruin ran among the group making their way towards the checkpoint, face as placid as it would have been had he been heading to the Mist Lake for a breather. There were indicators his what could be nervousness, or excitement, or some such. Occasionally, his hair whipped out in an odd direction as though it had a life of its own; his hands were clenched into fists and shaking slightly; his thighs were tensed and his nostrils pinched. The sight of the crimson lightning passed through his mind once more as the group made headway.

Hashi watched, in silence at the attacks on her shinobi and frowned. "We are shinobi. Our death is rarely without reason and just on a whim." She stated, as she rose from her hiding place within the ground. "If you attack another of my shinobi, I will be forced to act." She stated, rather calmly, though, suddenly her tone would become more assertive. "Now tell me. Why are you here? I know your filthy catfish of a Kage wouldn't send you here for no reason." She stated firmly before spitting in disgust at the thought of Mitsuo. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to probably many in the area, she was attempting to entwine her chakra into his, she wouldn't try doing anything just yet though. "Moriko, try to radio Kitai. Let him know of the situation here. I don't know who or what else may be out there, I just don't want him to find himself needing our backup when we can't give it." She stated calmly as she directed one of her shinobi.

Mo blinks and errs "But I dun have a radio on me." She mutters, then sighs before ducking back into the tent briefly and returning with a hyooge walkie talkie. Mo peers at it and with a little fiddling she calls out "Kitaiiii, umm we're under attack here, be on your toes. If'n you need help send me a signal flare or something?!?" She calls into the thing, then switches channels and repeates a few times, before she steps back out of the tent and glares at Yasushi. She then glances back to Hashi curiously "Umm, Hokage sama? I dun think he's gonna just give in." She says and the girl looks back at Yasashi curiously now as well, the girl actually studying him.

Kitai watches as Gin and Mami both try to move. His suspiscions approved he quickly flashes infront of Gin, once more a few feet away as he forms a seal pointing a finger at him, "I see. I apologize however, this is as far as you may go." is said. "Let me introduce myself. I am Amida Kitai, Head of Konohagakure Medical Corps. I will be the distraction which causes you to turn back. However I am curious, why are you here?" is asked.
The Chuunin that was infront of Mami quickly jumped up infront of her before settling on a branch, "Im afraid you'll be staying here." is said.
Kitai himself shakes his head some at the Kunai in Gins finger, going to speak he hears Moriko's voice over the raido, sighing. "I see…well, my unamed friend. Im afraid you've stumbled upon a raging hornets nest. Attack." is said. With lightning arcing on his fingers he quickly sends two zaps for the man before looking to the Chuunin, "Attack."
The Chuunin looks to Kitai before nodding and rushing for Mami, jumping off the branch he moves to send a kick for her head, the foot igniting on fire as he did so.(25)

Yasushi seems unaware of any probing of his mind as he is successfully linked against. Though he does not blink an eye at the communication sent out towards one of the members of her force that were out and about. "Truly? So the fact that they died just so that i could let your little guppies go has a meaning and purpose in your eyes? I don't see it that way. I'm here to collect the toll that is due from Konoha, that is all." Yasushi would state before rapidly moving towards Moriko and slide low to send a fist towards her gut forcefully. He'd shift his body rapidly in order to send an arcing crescent kick up at her jaw as well and as he landed, he would move to to grasp her throat and rotate his body harshly with her vertical momentum in order to slam her to the ground hopefully face first. After his attack attempts, he would simply look at Hashi with a half lidded gaze, not impressed by her actions to be taken or not. "You Leafers make me sick
thinking you can get away with anything you damn well please. Even ignoring an enemy right in front of you to make a phone call… i should be more insulted."

The moment his opponent lays a hand on the tip of his Kunai he is not yet quick enough to pull away, though the second attack cleanly misses as the Chuunin seems to fall backward into a backflip during the plumet toward the ground and easily lands on another branch below, one thats much smaller then the one he was previously on.
He smiles, shaking his head as he had already let the other Kunai fly at his opponents exposed throat. "If you can say that then you've dropped your guard…" He states plainly as he slips through the tree and uses it for cover in order to slip around the same side he was on, choosing to attack from the same angle should his opponent be expecting a change in position. Of course, the second Kunai flies free as well- aimed for his knee in order to damage the joint and slow down his movements.
At the same time his eyes are focused and watching his opponent closely. A medical Ninja meant the man would be decent at Ninjutsu, which also meant that he would be good at evasion tactics. His ears pick up the sounds of Mami and the Chuunin below and he nods; it had begun.

The girl stopped, gazing at the Chuunin still baring her way and shook her head somewhat. Hearing the radio vaguely, it seemed Fuyumi wasn't paying close enough attention, however. Although her arm moved to stop the attack, the flames brushed her helmet and scorched her arm somewhat as the attack barely scratched her. Narrowing her eyes somewhat, she looked down at the burn with disdain.
"Orders are orders… and you are just as wonderful a prey as anyone." Shifting somewhat, she lunged toward the man blocking her way with a crackling punch before even attempting to kick him off the branch. Instead of staying in place to wait for him, she moved to jump onto the branch Kitai stood. "Oo, a sparky medic," she commented with a grin that was hidden by her black mask as her golden eyes sparkled.

"Contact in fourty-three seconds," murmured Meruin to himself as they rushed through the forest towards the enemy's checkpoint area. Just after he'd said this, however, Kitai and his own group of chuunin came into view as well as those they were fighting with. Quickly, he slowed down the slightest bit to take in the situation while everyone else in the group went ahead of him. They moved with brutal speed, descending on the chuunin accompaniment to do battle. The seven year old, seeing that they had those people well in hand, instead turned to look to Kitai, whom the others were attempting to take down. Gin gets a glance a half a second longer than any other before the Okumo sets himself, focusing the smallest bit of hit energy into chakra use.

Hashi glanced briefly over to Moriko, "You know hon, I can always hope we can get through things in a calm and diplomatic fashion." She stated with a grin that turned into a bit of a sigh and frown as Yasushi attacked. "Oh, you are insulted that I would dare to make a phone call while you are standing here in front of me? Besides, what do you mean, thinking we can get away with anything we darn well please. It hasn't been us preventing every other nation to go through the land of waves. I'm not sure what you and your dogfaced Kage are playing at, but you are not going to gain footing on the Land of Fire for as long as I am the Fire Shadow." She said. "Now, I suggest you call your little friends out of the woods and leave, or things are going to get bad pretty quick." She stated.

Mo blinks as the attacks come in, then she lithely slips under the first attack, the girl fluidly ducking and spinning out of the way as she readies for the second. Suddenly she changes directions as the second attack comes in and she's simply gone, the girl leaving a bit of an afterimage in the wind as she dissapears. Finaly the Gouuka comes in and she's hit! What? It's obvious something is struck as Mo makes a pained face then dissapears in a puff of smoke! What's left is a rapidly deflating inflatable doll that Mo left behind.

Moriko then takes her opportunity to attack back at this point, forming a couple seals, Mo launches her own attack. Now standing in a tree, the girl forms a couple seals before sending a flurry of glowing shuriken at 'sushi, each one crackling through the air and leaving the feint smell of ozone. She then points a finger at the man, held like one might hold a gun. Suddenly she tosses a metal marble up into the air, her right arm arcing with electricity as the marble descends. Suddenly there's the brief sound of a snapping finger and the steel ball is blasted toward Yasushi at nigh supersonic speeds, the airwhipping up behind the marble as it speeds on its way.

Kitai watches as he throws a Kunai and he quickly steps, flashing out of the way. The second however comes in and his stance suddenly takes form. It looks savage in more than one ways. Quickly shifting his weight he turns, using chakra to do so as the attack hits. It gashes right above his knee and blood spurts out, however he continues his spin, flipping up into a tree. As Meruin arrives, the other chuunin and the one that was hit by Mami's first attack charge the other chuunin, aside from Meruin. He growls lowly as he focuses chakra evaluating the situation, "Three against one. So be it, shinobi! Let us begin!" he rips off his cloak, exposing the clothes underneath, and the seal on his left arm glowing red. "Your death is near…." he licks his lower lip crouching, "Can you sense it?"

Yasushi calmly observed the Hokage, though he didn't really speak on recognizing her or not thus far as the attacks came towards him. He'd side glance them as he out manuvered them, cutting it pretty close, but not doing more than a basic amount of movement. A Raiton user… they had no advantage against him thus far. "If we wanted to gain a foot hold in the Land of Fire, we would have it." Yasushi would say without missing a step. "All that i want is for there to be Konoha blood spilled for the Kiri blood spilled. It's as simple as that… or can you not concieve such a simple reason?" Considering his situation, Yasushi didn't want to reveal his secrets here, but it would be the only way to defeat both opponents. Hashiramako was exactly as he had been led to believe, nearly pacifistic, but certainly capable of she had to get into the fray. He could tell by her demeanor that this held true. Narrowing his eyes a bit, he had to consider how this
would turn out. He honestly didn't even consider being defeated, simply that he'd have to expose far too much information to the enemy in order to make this raid successful. Perhaps he was simply that arrogant…
"Hm…" Yasushi would say as his small blade would slide into it's saya and he would turn around to start heading out of the check point. "You are not like your foolish Uchiha. Had you let your pride speak for you, you'd be picking up your teeth right now. I don't feel it's worth the effort to kill any more of you." he would state as he made his way out. "I suggest you call off whom ever is in charge before i get there, or i will shatter them." Yasushi would warn before flickering out of sight, obviously heading towards the location where his team was at.

If Gin's face wasn't covered, his smile would be incredibly wide, his fingers flexing as he watches his opponent focus their Chakra and leave himself wide open. Moving with a quickness, the boy ducks behind a tree and hopes that Mami would take a bit off heat off of him. He had already stuck his opponent once, the kunai having the imperceptible black strands of hair wrapped around the weapon. Of course, a quick bit of chakra being pushed into the strands causes them to disintegrate in a way that noone would truly be able to see.
Coming out in the boughs of the canopy over his opponent, using a mixture of running and the tree-walking technique, the boy smiles as he flicks his hands and launches another Kunai at his opponent- this time aimed for his other leg. A second one is thrown before he ducks behind the tree again, a Kunai cutting through the leaves as the boy gives some ground and gets some cover between himself and his opponent.

"No, I cannot," Fuyumi answered the Medic Corps' head. As Gin threw more kunai, she stayed clear of their path before moving toward Kitai and attempting to kick him. Whether or not that hit him, she'd shift and withdraw her sword, apparently more intent on blood now. Unfortunate as Yasushi's imminent approach made this a rather null point, she was unaware of the leader's approach. Her blade would search for life just the same.

"One can only hope…" murmured Meruin as he himself lowered in a crouch. Seeing the head on actions of Mami, the Okumo quickly dashed towards the tree behind Kitai and nearest him. The silken clothing adorning his arlms unwound and whirled around the trunk of the tree. Having anchored it firmly, the boy leaps to a branch above Kitai and lashes his arms out downwards. More silk — spider's and lined with a caustic poison — flew down towards the Konohanite. If all would go well, the burning silk would follow Kitai until it wrapped around him, and the Okumo would leap away, holding the ends of the web in his hands. Kitai would then get dragged up into the tree and stuck to the underside of the branch, if all went well. A temporary binding to be sure, but perhaps it would be just enough for the other's to capitalize.

Hashi said nothing, as Yasushi made his little speech. When the jounin departed, she looked at Moriko and nodded. "Stay here Moriko, if anything happens, send up a flare. I need to get Kitai here asap to heal these people." She said before sinking into the earth and moving through the ground and trees to reach Kitai. She was also not sure how Kitai would react from being confronted by Yasushi himself. 'Just don't let me be too late.' She thought as she moved through the forest to catch up with Kitai.

Mo blinks at Hashi and nods. "Ok I'll start treatment!" She calls out, and suddenly Mo flashes toward the downed nin, the girl doing a quick checkup on them and actually carefully labeling them by stage of needed treatment, just like any good military corman might do. As soon as she ascertains needed treatment, she starts with the most endangered injured nin first, the girl doing what she can to treat them.

Well. Where to start? There were several things that hit him. The first kunai is evaded, but the second gashes his body causing blood to spurt out. The last however he dashes away from. The first attack Mami throws hits its target, pushing him back as he lands on a branch quickly flashing out of the way only to get slices. Then, the other one is evaded. Meruins attacks are simply evaded, no chance of hitting.
Bleeding, clothes ripped the Jounin licks some blood from his hand. His eyes slowly begin to dye black, his pupils changing. The trees around quickly ruffle and bend slightly as his seal unravels some up and down his arm, a black chakra rising from his form. His hair turns and ruffles turning a ash black, his eyes looking more demon like. His skin changes slightly in color as his nails turn to fangs and lastly as chakra dances around him, fangs grow as he hisses. He looks between the three and extends his hands after forming seals. Then, he blasts each of them with orbs of dark chakra before forming more seals, sending a wildly moving orb of lightning for Gin and Mami. "Piss off." is growled.

Moving swiftly through the terrain, knowing where they would be for the most part, he didn't waste any time arriving there. As he'd look towards Kitai and his… transformed state, Yasushi was slightly amused by it in the end. "Damn… too bad…" he would say before mentioning, "It's time to move out, i'm bored with them now." He didn't seem to show much concern for the wounds or damage that may have taken place during this isolated battle. "If you desire for me to put your little rabid ass down, feel free to go berserk or what ever it is your doing on me or mine. I'd advise you to hold on to your insignificant life for as long as i'll continue to allow it however." Yasushi would easily threaten the demonic form in a rather careless bit certainly not boastful tone. It was fact in his words, not at all simply a possability or bravado.

Gin smiles as the first attack comes in, not quite fast enough to get out of the way, but setting himself up to further move as the second strike comes in. He disappears completely from view and reappears on another branch nearby, watching as Yasushi appears, the boy patting his arm where he was struck. As he speaks you can almost hear the smile in his words, "Hai, right away Yasushi-sempai…" He states plainly before he once more disappears into the canopy and heads back to shore- moving with the utmost speed to the evacuation area.

It was almost as if the dark chakra had taken her off guard. The Kirin-masked woman seemed aware of it coming at her, but almost unable to dodge it. As the ball collided with her, it pushed her back against a trunk, getting a grunt from the helmet as her sword fell to the ground. However, her fingers slipped through seals afterward. It was almost as if she was hit again, before the clone vanished and she dropped down next to Yasushi.
Fuyumi gazed up at him briefly with those now golden eyes before down at the likely hole in the stomach of her black shirt with a vague grumble. Her sword would only be retrieved as they would be on their way.

The Okumo nin allowed himself a small grown as his efforts were quickly and easily evaded by Kitai. It seemed he would need to be a tad more tactical than he had been, if he would like to get anything done. However, there was no chance to do so, the boy's eyes widened slightly at the sight of Kitai's transformation. As dark chakra started being fired at the others, Meruin instinctively jerked to the side just before an attack was thrown at him and when one was, he jerked himself in the other direction, increasing the distance of his dodge.
Unfortunately, the attack was too fast, and he contorts his body to roll with the direction of the attack, getting pushed from the tree limb. Swiftly, he slapped a palm against the trunk of the tree as he went by, a thick pad of webbing spreading from the pores in his hand. He used it to swing around the trunk and roll to land in a crouch, one hand to his sternum where he'd been hit. He stood on slightly unsteady legs, keeping himself from attacking again, as he had his orders.

It didn't take long for Hashi to catch up to Kitai and the chuunin who accompanied him. Stepping out of a tree, she raised her hand to the medic jounin and nodded. "Stand down, Kitai-san. The fight is over." She said calmly. She then turned and looked to Yasushi and the rest of the group, "And you, get the heck out of my country. I've gone easy on you thus far, but don't expect it to last much longer." She said.

Mo, meanwhile works on the other nin, the girl stablizing them as fast as she can, then going back to the one with the messed up neck. Quickly she works to get things back in line and stablize the man as best she can, hoping to try and keep him alive till someone with strong medic jutsu can get there.

Kitai notes the appearance of Yasushi, smirking as each of his targets are hit, and hard. His fingers clench as his demonic eyes soon turn to Yasushi and he growls, "Another one to deal with. What a mess this has become.." is muttered to himself. However, calming himself he simply waits for them to leave. They were apprently ready to leave, and he would let them. Three he could handle…however a forth was to much without losing control over his lust.

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