Yori's Medic Training: Healing Words


Michiko, Yori, Sakuya

Date: September 6, 2015


Part of a medic's training isn't all just about using medical jutsu. It was also about dealing with the person involved and trying to keep them as calm and comforted as possible. Michiko takes Yori and Sakuya to the Academy training fields to help them get this experience.

"Yori's Medic Training: Healing Words"

Kumogakure - Academy Training Grouds

Michiko had called Yori and Sakuya both to the Academy. It was a bit interesting to be here, likely, but she still had some things to teach Yori, and Sakuya might find this lesson semi-useful as well! The girl was simply in the training grounds. School hadn't let out, nor was it time to train, so they must be here before anyone else, really! Good thing the weather is nice; the sun is shining

Yori had gotten the message and, despite the rather odd location, he was fairly excited to receive any kind of training from Michiko. Especially if it was of a certain kind that he hoped for. When the young Saito makes his way into the training grounds, looking around and easily spotting Michiko in the empty location. When he nears the boy bows deeply to the Jounin. "Good afternoon Michiko-san. You called for me?"

Sakuya doesn't mind the weather, and she loves the Academy. It's two things that just makes it a perfect opportunity to learn… "Miiichiko-sensei!" The snake-girl calls out as she runs into the training grounds, holding a white ribbon. "Sorry I was sort of late. I stopped at the library real quick to say hello to the supervisor! What's going on? Don't tell me I'm being demoted… I didn't actually put smoke bombs in the monastary! I just said I did… To look cool…"

Michiko smiles and nods lightly to Yori and Sakuya, raising a brow at the latter. "I see.. Well, I'm glad you could join us," she tells the two. The girl pauses for a second, then says, "Medic nin aren't just there to heal the body. Some might also be able to heal the mind through words. I'm not the best at that, admittedly. It's something that one is just gifted at. Yori-san, we're going to see just how effective you are at helping those who are upset. Since children tend to get upset very easily over small injuries, you'll need to help calm them down. The teacher has reported that a few were causing trouble for no reason, but they're young enough to be impressionable." Then she looks to Sakuya. "Sakuya-san, you're going to be learning about basic first aid. Very basic… Like putting on a bandage and making sure an injury is clean. We can do the more advanced things later."

Yori looks to Sakuya and gives her a smile and a bow of greeting. "Hello Sakuya-san. How are you doing?" He asks, then blinks when she starts talking about smoke bombs and stuff…oooookay. That was none of his business. He looks back to Michiko when she starts talking again and he listens to what she has to say about healing the mind. Hmm. Shyness won't help with that, but if it's part of a duty he will do it to the best of his ability. "Hai Michiko-san…I'm ready."

Sakuya is glad Michiko ignores all the terrible things she does, that or it's like no one actually cares. She'll have to look into that and find out. "Ah, Hello Yori-kun! I'm well. Let's do our best…" Just bandaging? Well, she better not leak that she already knows basic anatomy, physiology, and medical principle. This could actually be an easy day for her. For once.

"Good. Because we're about to start… Now." Michiko may or may not have practiced, but when she said 'now', the bell suddenly rang out, and a bunch of younger kids raced out of the Academy. A lot of them darted over to the training dummies, and a few went to 'spar' each other with fake kunai and shuriken. Overall, it looked like a pretty busy class! And the best part(?) was that the kids were doing this of their own volition.

Yori's eyes widen slightly as all the kids come running out and he looks around to try and see what each group is doing. "Umm…is this supposed to be happening Michiko-san? I mean, should their be many injuries in a school setting?" Maybe minor ones he supposed…but surely nothing too bad, otherwise something else was wrong! And they wouldn't want Yori digging around, surely.

Sakuya almost turns to go train herself, but stops herself in the nick of time. She places her hand upon her hitai-ate, and chuckles. "I already miss the academy… Maybe someday I should teach…" Sakuya closes her eyes. "Oh, Yori, you have no idea! When I was in school, someone poked their eye out. No, literally! Their eyeball was poked -out- and on the tip of a blunt kunai! It was really gross… But he got his eye fixed, I hear."

"Plenty of accidents happen on school grounds," Michiko says. "And some are upset and may need to be comforted." She points to a young girl who is sitting in a corner holding a teddy bear. She looks rather close to tears and seems very alone. Michiko glances to Sakuya and says, "If you see any injuries from spars, you should treat then, Sakuya-San."

Yori blinks in surprise at Michiko. He could understand providing comfort while he was healing, but as for just providing the comfort…it was a strange thought. Didn't they have specialists for those things? Gold-brown eyes flick over to Sakuya when she starts talking about her…eye poking experience. "Ahh, well let's hope nothing that bad happens." He looks to Michiko, then the little girl again. "You want me to…comfort her, Michiko-san?"

Sakuya raises a thumbs up. "Hai, Michiko-sensei! I'm going to watch the kids sparring!" Saying 'kids' like she still isn't one. Tsk. She would run herself over to a group of two kids who are working on their Taijutsu. "Sanada-san, Ibiru-san! You're -still- in the academy?" Sakuya laughs as she converses with them a distance away. "That's kind of pathetic! Come on! You've been here longer than me! Fight harder! No-wait! Don't fight me! AAAAH!" Sakuya would spend the next few moments getting chased by two former class-mates… She might be the one needing medical attention soon, but surely it's all fun and games…

"Hai, Yori-san. It's a scaled down version of the hospital. We'll move onto something a bit more difficult later." She just wanted to include Sakuya in the lesson so that the Hebisuuhai didn't feel ignored or anything! The girl watches as the snake-partner wanders over to play with some old friends and smiles faintly as she just looks around.

Yori looks around off after Sakuya when she goes off, then looks back to Michiko and nods. "Um, hai Michiko-san." He turns then to go over to the little crying girl with the teddy bear and sits down next to her, head tilting slightly as he gives her a small worried smile. "Hi, are you okay?" He asks, sounding actually concerned.

The girl sniffles a bit and looks up at Yori, thinking he looked pretty friendly. "I- *hic* miss my mommy…" she whines, tears leaking out of the corner of her eyes. The teddy bear in her arms is clutched tightly.

Yori's still young and he does look pretty friendly in general! He's just a sweet innocent kid after all. "Your mommy? Where is she at?" The boy is actually a bit concerned now. Was this girl actually lost or something at the Academy?

Sakuya would come back after a few friendly scuffles with former class-mates, but she wouldn't necessarily approach. This was something she wanted to see… Yori's soft side. She steps up beside Michiko and rubs her head. "Ah, Yori is pretty soft normally… I bet he's a natural." Sakuya says with a smile.

The little girl sniffles a bit. "She said *sniffle* that I had to stay here… I think she's at work…" In all likelihood, the girl is probably here for the first day and didn't expect it. Though that was a bit odd in and of itself! Michiko glances over to Sakuya and gives a small nod. "If given the motivation, yes.."

"Ahh," Yori says, offering the girl what he hopes is a comforting smile. "Is this your first day?" He asks, his attention remaining fully on the girl though he's also searching around the edges of his vision to see who else is nearby.

Sakuya has decided to lay on her stomach, head propped up by her hands as she watches Yori express his inner feelings to help comfort the little girl. It's curious, watching Yori comfort a kid like this. She secretly hopes he succeeds~.

The younger girl nods a bit, sniffling still. There aren't many people nearby, as most of the kids are off in their own groups. Michiko continues to watch, then suddenly a child trips and lands flat on his face. All he really has is a scraped knee and hands, but the shock and embarrassment from the ordeal drove him to tears. "Sakuya-san, why don't you go take care of that one," Michiko suggests, nodding towards the student.

Yori nods to the little girl and reaches out to wrap an arm around her shoulder and give her a bit of a side hug. "It's okay. She'll be back to pick you up after class is over okay? This is how the Academy works. You will get to learn while they go to work, but at night you'll be home together. Don't worry okay?" He looks around a moment then waves to another youngster, "Raina-chan!" It's a younger Saito, still fairly new to the academy herself. When she comes over he looks to the girl. "Raina-chan, this is…um, what was your name?"

Sakuya winces with such a smirk on her face. "Michiko-sensei! Yori would make a great teacher!" She coos, before standing up and stretching. "I should have not let Zuzu sleep in today. He would have loved to see this." Unfortunately, good things never last. For Michiko would rather have Sakuya do something, rather than let her giggle at Yori's situation any longer. "Okay! Okay… I'll…" She looks over at the student. "HEY YOU PUNKS!" Sakuya yowls, teeth showing. "Don't you dare laugh at him!" She says as she runs over, before dropping to a knee and fishing out bandages she has hidden somewhere inside her kimono. "Hey, it's alright." Sakuya says with furrowed eyebrows. "Let it all out. I bet you could totally go home and tell your folks that those are actual combat scars!" Sakuya suggests. "They'd be totally proud. I know mine was when I first fell down and scraped my knee."

The few kids who were laughing at the boy immediately shut up when Sakuya bares her fangs, and they trickle off to go do something else. The kid that Sakuya helped keeps crying, but his sobs aren't as loud. "*sniffle* *hiccup* Hai…" he says, holding still for Sakuya. She was a bit scary looking, really… But she was also friendly, so… He held still.
Yori's 'patient' blinks and wipes away her tears, nodding quietly to Yori. "O… kay..>" she says, looking over to the Saito that was called over. "Umm… Yotsuki Kizuna," she says quickly, waving shyly to Raina. "This's Kuma-kun."

"It's nice to meet you both Kizuna-chan and Kuma-kun," Yori says with a nod and a smile at them both. Raina returns the wave to Kizuna, then looks to Yori as the boy speaks again. "Hey Raina, it's her first day at the Academy so can you show her around?"
Raina nods and smiles brightly at the Yotsuki, being only a year or so older than the other girl. "Of course! The first day is always the hardest, but I'll show you all the good stuff to help out! Come on!" Her voice is bright and excited as she reaches to tug on Kizuna's arm to try and get her to stand.

It's not entirely hard to bandage a few simple scrapes. Sakuya binds each wound to be snug enough. "When you get home, don't dip your hand in water. I know it burns, but water will only make it heal more slowly, okay? Just remember, you're going to be a ninja someday, so you've got to stay strong and beat the pain."

The two kids both seem a bit happier now that the shinobi have treated them. They both give their thanks, the boy with a bow and the girl by hugging Yori quickly before taking Raina's arm and moving away with her. Michiko suddenly appears near Yori and says, "Good work, Yori-san. I think we're done for today. There are only twenty minutes left, so that was a good use of our time." Then she would call Sakuya over, and the trio would leave the Academy.

Even better, Yori really didn't do anything outside of his normal attitude. That's pretty much how he always is towards the younger kids. When Michiko appears the boy looks to her and nods. "Hai Michiko-san. Thank you for the lesson. I think I can handle this part well enough. I…am a little shy normally, but when it's part of my duty I put duty over my own personal feelings."

Sakuya clearly has to giggle as she arrives, hearing Yori say that. "Yori-kuuun!~ I like the fact that you're shy. It makes you seem like a kind compassionate person." Then again, she acts like an idiot quite a bit. Sometimes what happens on the outside isn't a reflection of what is happening on the inside…

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