Yori’s Medic Training: Learning the Injuries


Michiko, Yori

Date: September 1, 2015


Michiko shows Yori a few examples of people through the diagnostic jutsu, even if it means having to hurt herself in the process.

"Yori’s Medic Training: Learning the Injuries"

Kumogakure - Unkei Hospital

Hospital Room 1 [Kumogakure]
A Basic hospital room. Its for patients in recovery. There is some monitoring equipment, a single bed with a single chair beside it, and some small amenities you could expect. It looks relatively sparse, but comfortable enough.
OOC Note: This location boosts healing over time for those who are injured.

Michiko had called Yori to the hospital for one reason, and one reason only! If Yori expressed any interest at all in medical training, it's likely she would have noticed it. Otherwise… She probably would have just called him in or something. Regardless, he's here for medic training!

Yori had indeed expressed an interest in learning medical ninjutsu. After seeing the damage that some people can take in combat he'd decided it would be a good idea for him to work on some medic stuff so that he could help. Not only that, but having a Senshi that was also a medic would probably be a benefit, right? Might even help him to get the job despite his general feeling that he's not going to be able to do it. When he arrives Michiko gets the standard bow in greeting. "Michiko-san."

"Good, you're here," Michiko says. The girl gestures for Yori to come over to the spot where she's sitting, which happens to be on one of those really tall recliner thingies that all doctors have when issuing a standard checkup. Her arm is still injured, so this is perfect practice! "I know you wanted to learn some things about medical ninjutsu, yes? So I was going to have this be your first lesson," she says, feeling a bit more at ease because this has to do with ninjutsu. She hadn't expected Hanami to show up and say she wanted to work with taijutsu the other day, and it threw her in for a loop!

Yori's eyes seem to light up a bit at the mention of medical ninjutsu and the boy nods quickly, "Hai Michiko-san, I am very interested. I've read a number of books on it already but it's not the same as actual training." He moves to sit near Michiko, watching her carefully.

Michiko smiles faintly at Yori's expression. "Good. The first thing… Is very important. I want you to have this down before anything. And you need to make sure you're experienced with it." Michiko pauses for a minute to make sure Yori has that down.

"Hai, of course Michiko-san. I'm ready." Yori looks excited and he moves to sit on the edge of his seat, watching Michiko closely for whatever it is she's about to show him. He'd probably be bouncing in the chair if that wasn't so very juvenile >.>

Michiko makes a series of half-seals, leaving Yori to figure out what the complete versions were. Fortunately, she did it rather slowly. "You need to make these hand seals," she says, a faint glow of green chakra forming around her hand. "Then you need to send the pulse of chakra into a body." She places her hand on Yori and sends a pulse of chakra through him, reading whatever might be wrong with his body. Which is hopefully nothing. "It feels different when you come across cuts, burns, blood…"

Nothing besides being a bit exhausted at least. But that's pretty standard for Yori these days. He works himself as hard as he can with administrative stuff, then trains until he drops. Then sleeps a little and does it all over again! He watches the hand seals, his mind forming the complete ones as he does so. "Diagnostic…I remember reading about that," Yori says with a nod. He makes the hand seals as well, creating the chakra, but then looks up to Michiko. "Mmm, how much do you send through?"

Michiko nods lightly. Then hmms. "Start with a little bit of chakra so you can learn about smaller areas. It's a lot of information to take in, so starting at a little is better than getting an influx." She considers a bit more. "Try and see how my arm feels. My good one," she suggests, holding out the one that's uninjured.

Yori nods to Michiko as he listens, then reaches out his hand to send a small, weak pulse of chakra through, though it doesn't give too much of a response. He definitely needs to use a bit more! So he does, re-sending the chakra through and trying to dissect the information that comes back, giving a small thoughtful frown.

Michiko's good arm feels quite normal, not that Yori would be able to tell the difference. "Once you seem to have a good picture of my arm in your mind, I want you to send a pulse of chakra through my injured arm. Compare the two. My right arm has a lot of … punctures in it from the shark teeth, and there's a bit of bruising from where the armor protected me better," she explains, waiting for Yori before offering him her injured arm.

Yori wrinkles his nose a bit, his eyes squinting in concentration as he pulls in all of the information and processes it. After a few long moments he nods, then waits for her other arm before doing the same routine once again. The echo he gets back makes the boys' eyes widen in surprise. "It's so…specific."

Michiko smiles faintly. "Indeed. Okay, the goal here is simply to make sure you know what everything feels like. So…" She gets up, grabbing a few supplies from a cabinet nearby. Then she pulls out a pouch full of vials and seems to mess with those for a long few moments before she holds out her arm. "Don't worry," she states quickly before puffing out a small but rather hot flame onto her arm. She winces at the pain, and her skin is pretty burnt now! "See what that gives you," she instructs.

Yori's eyes widen when Michiko burns herself! "M-Michiko-san! You don't need to do that! Please don't do that again…" He could find other ways to practice without Michiko purposefully hurting herself. Still, he reaches out a hand to send the pulse of chakra through, chewing his cheek as he feels the differences and nods. "I see…"

Michiko waits for Yori to finish examining the wound before soothing it herself. In moments, the injury is gone. "It's fine, Yori-san," she says. "We'll be practicing actual healing next time. But for now, I want you to simply experience as many different injuries with the jutsu I just taught you. Spend time in the training center and offer to bandage wounds. Ot spend time in the hospital."

Yori nods again, relaxing a bit once the injuries heal. Whew. "I will do so Michiko-san. I will make sure to make some time to assist in the hospital and get used to using the jutsu." Even if it means he'll get even /less/ sleep. But he won't admit that part out loud. He'd find a way to make it work dangit! "Thank you for taking the time to show me…I appreciate it very much Michiko-san." He gives her a seated bow from where he sits.

Michiko nods lightly. "Take about a half-hour off at the end of your usual training session," she advises. "It's a time to relax. You should also study your own body. Maybe take a few minutes at the beginning when you just wake up." The girl pauses to make sure Yori has all that, then continues. "Your next lesson will be in one week."

Haha, if Michiko thought she'd be able to get Yori to cut into his other training time she was sorely mistaken! Of course Yori's not going to argue it, instead just nodding to Michiko. "Of course Michiko-san. I'll make sure I have time to train. And I will be ready next week whenever you are willing to teach me."

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