Yori’s Medic Training: On the Job Heals


Michiko, Yori

Date: September 4, 2015


Michiko takes Yori out for some field training on how to be a medic, just like she promised!

"Yori’s Medic Training: On the Job Heals"

Land of Lightning

It's been one week since Yori had learned the diagnostic jutsu as one of the more basic medic skills. And now it was time to teach Yori again! The Saito would find, however, that he was to be on a mission? Was this a mistake? Did Michiko forget her promise?! GASP! Whether or not any of that is true, Yori would have to go on on this mission. He wouldn't know much about it, either! It was a surprise! Doesn't everybody love surprises?
The Head Ninja of Kumogakure was leaning casually against the gates. It was a little past sunrise and nearing the meeting time on the note. Two horses, Roadblock and Yori's mount, stood at the gate waiting for the trip to start.

Yori got the message and was a little confused, but he figured that smoething had come up and their lesson would have to be postponed. It happened. They were shinobi after all! So instead he packed for a mission and went to the gates to find Atarashi already there with Michiko and Roadblock. The boy blinks, a bit surprised as he walks over to his horse and runs a hand along her flank. "Michiko-san. Is everything alright?" He asks.

"Of course. We're going on a trip, but it'll be faster by horse. An hour there, I believe, maybe less if we keep speed." The girl gestures for Yori to mount while she does the same, spurring her horse onward once Yori seems situated. The pair would go along at a pace that was easy enough to chat, and Michiko took the time to explain the mission. "Some of the villages affected by the recent attacks don't have the medics they should, either because of a low number or because they may have died. This trip is a sort of relief trip. We're going to be healing some of the worst wounds. Well… I'll be doing those. You'll be working on the lesser ones while getting to examine some of the awful injuries."

Yori mounts and kicks his mount to catch up with Michiko and ride along with her. When she explains what they'll be doing he ohs and nods. "So, um, it still is kind of a lesson then. Just…more hands on?" He asks as he looks over to Michiko curiously. He wasn't going to complain! Sure he'd be doing diagnostics on everyone he passed but there was only so much damage done within the training area.

Michiko nods lightly. "Hai. I'll be showing you the second most important jutsu a medic can possibly learn. Once you have the basic version down, you'll be able to use it with much more control and precision, and flowing more chakra in can always help…" She smiles faintly, then her face turns serious. "You need to be very careful, though, Yori-San. If you use too much chakra, especially the first time around, it could be fatal. Don't pour too much in. I'll be overseeing you during your first few patients."

Yori watches Michiko as she talks, leaving his mount to find his own footing. He was a good horse so Yori didn't really have to worry about it. "Um, the second most important Michiko-san? What is it?" He's curious to know! If it was important then he would want to see what it was!

STAFF NOTE: The description of how medical ninjutsu works in the following pose is incorrect. It is not simply a restorative energy that works naturally, it is a matter of surgically closing wounds with chakra.

"Remember the skill I used to heal the burn on my arm?" Michiko asks Yori as they move along. She waits for an answer. Then continues, "Well, it is essentially that. Maybe not so powerful as to heal it in a single go, but if done for long enough a time, it'll sufficiently heal any injury. The key is simply to convert your chakra into healing chakra. Then you insert it into the patient, and you let it work." Simple, right?

"Hai," Yori responds at the question of her healing her burn. "Oh, I believe I've seen that many times before. I guess it is one of the more commonly used medical ninjutsu." Yori nods happily. "I will be glad to learn and start practicing it Michiko-san!"

Michiko gives a small nod. "Okay. I'll show you how it works for now. Then we'll put it into practice when we arrive." They still had a good 20-30 minutes left of their journey! "The hand seals go like this. When you become good with the technique, and you'll know when that happens, you won't need to use hand seals." She starts performing them for Yori slowly, the total count being about five different hand seals. When she's done, a faint green glow appears around her hand.

Yori watches as Michiko goes through the hand seals, memorizing them easily enough before performing them himself so that Michiko can make sure he got them in the right order. Speed is easy enough too, but slow for now since it's only training. When he completes the last one he manages to get the medical chakra to surround his hand, making him look quite surprised!

"Good!" Michiko says with approval. She then notes, "The handseals help convert your chakra into medical chakra. So when you don't need to use the handseals, you're likely a good enough medic to start working on more advanced techniques and healing skills. Depending on how much chakra you input, you can heal a lot or a little, but it also takes a sort of control that isn't as simple as that." She waits for Yori to ask any questions, and it'd likely take the two only one round of that before they make it to the village.

Yori lets the chakra drop so he doesn't have to keep holding it as he considers what he's learned. "How do you know how much chakra to use with each different patient?" He asks curiously, looking over to Michiko once again.

"It depends on the wound and the person. The wound itself is rather easy to figure out. You just allow a steady stream of chakra to enter your patient until the wound is as sealed as you like it. I tend to leave it just barely closed so that the person realizes they have to let their body rest a bit. A few days in bed never hurt anyone, and waiting for an injury to heal is something worthwhile. The problem is that you have to make sure the amount of chakra you trickle in is something the patient can handle."

Michiko pauses for a bit to let this sink in. Then continues. "When you have non-shinobi, they can't control their chakra. So you need to make sure they don't feel overwhelmed. If the injury is terrible, most shock can override that feeling and you can surge healing chakra as you please. Otherwise, you need to be careful. Think of it like tree walking."

Yori purses his lips as he considers Michiko's instructions, then finally nods a bit. "Hai, that makes sense Michiko-san. I look forward to starting to work on this technique more!" He's actually kind of excited, even if it's a bit sad they need injured people for it…it just will be really good practice.

The two get to the entrance, and the village isn't as chaotic as one might expect. There are a lot of people with all sorts of injuries, from sprains to breaks to cuts to burns. It was, to be truthful, a good day to learn all sorts of injuries. Michiko has the person that meets them take their horses off to some stables, then she and Yori travel to the area where most of the injured rest. They happen to be in the 'hospital', which is little more than a very clean house filled with few medical supplies and all the beds in the village.
"Okay… Let's head go see some of the worst off. I'll show you how to perform the technique a few times before you copy me, Yori-san. While I heal, I want you to use the diagnostic jutsu to try and sense just what's wrong, how it's healing, and how I'm affecting it." A lot of information! But useful.

Yori's expression turns serious as they arrive at the village and he sees the destruction as well as the number of injured people. How horrible! The young Saito dismounts and follows after Michiko, nodding at her words. "Hai Michiko, I will," he says as he follows after her, preparing the diagnostic jutsu and mentally focusing himself.

Michiko nods lightly. The man she's at has a lot of bad burns all over his body. "First, we should put some salve on. It'll help with the healing process and prevent infection. First aid, really." The girl pulls out a jar of burn cream from her pouch, sharing it with Yori if he doesn't have any, and starts rubbing it on the injured's body.

Yori does carry some burn cream with him and he uses it to help Michiko out while at the same time sending diagnostics through the man to see all of his injuries as best as he can. It causes him to wince slightly at the reaction he gets back. That's just not good.

Michiko and Yori eventually cover the man in burn cream, which at least soothes the pain… somewhat. "Okay. Now, since they're properly treated, we can start healing." She suddenly has her hand glowing with green chakra and places it in contact with the man's skin, not doing anything yet. "Yori-san, once you have an idea of what I'm doing, I want you to join me. I can correct some of your healing mistakes this way, so don't be afraid," she says.

Yori recaps his burn creme and puts it away for now, then looks up at Michiko as she speaks. He chews his cheek a bit before he nods and and puts a hand to send the diagnostic through continuously to see what Michiko is doing…

Michiko seems to be sending her chakra into the body at a moderate pace, starting in the spots that were most severely burnt. That meant mostly his hands and arms. The skin didn't seem to do anything until a few minutes had passed, but eventually it lost the blistered burned look and became pink. Then it started to look healed, though it wasn't complete.

Yori pays attention both physically as well as with the diagnostic in order to be able to see what Michiko is doing. He doesn't say anything and doesn't move as he instead just focuses on what Michiko is doing. After a few minutes he withdraws his hands to make hand seals, then places his hand on the man and starts mimicing what Michiko was doing, his chakra flow a little slower out of caution.

Michiko nods lightly to Yori. "A bit more, Yori-san. Our patient isn't that fragile," she says with a soft tease. She has her chakra flowing a bit faster, sending it through the man's body so that most of it would feel a bit more energized. It doesn't seem to take much out of her, either.

Yori nods slightly. "Um, hai Michiko-san," he says softly as he slowly increases his chakra flow, watching for Michiko to indicate when he was at a good level. At the same time he seeks out those injuries and uses the chakra to help close wounds and heal flesh.

Michiko pays careful attention to the rate that the chakra is healing the man's body, and eventually she starts to taper her own flow as Yori's gets stronger until he's the one doing the healing. When Yori gets to a certain point, she would indicate to him that he should keep the flow steady. Then, when it seems he's confident, she steps back and says, "Keep working on him, Yori-san. when all of the burnt skin is pink and not blistered, you're done."

"Hai," Yori says in a somewhat muttered tone. Much of his attention is on the task at hand and not so much on Michiko. He wants to make sure to get this right and to help this man, not cause more issues. So he works as fast as he can while still keeping his concentration fully on the man in front of him.

Michiko decides that Yori has this well in hand and approximates to give him five minutes at the rate of the chakra flow. She goes to her next patient, who happens to be a man with an exceptionally deep cut on his leg that has the bone showing. The girl winces at the injury and quickly pours water to rinse away the blood, cleaning the edges with a cotton swab and a bit of alcohol before she sends chakra into his leg and starts to stitch the wound from the inside.

Yori continues to work, knowing that Michiko has left for now but not really paying much attention to that. Nope, his focus remains on what he's doing with this man, continuing to search out the damage and heal it with the chakra. It's just about five minutes when the burns are mostly healed and he finally pulls away, wiping at his forehead that started sweating with all the concentration.

Michiko, at least by the time Yori's done, is by the Saito's side and giving him a small pat on the back that would give a bit of energy and chakra as well. "Good job, Yori-San. That was one of the worst patients. Everything should be a bit easier, but there are more injuries than just burns." The girl looks around and points to a man with several lacerations and multiple bruises. Another construction accident, if it wasn't from a battle. "Over there. Check to see what's wrong. Then tell me and I can tell you how healing chakra should be applied." No rest for the weary!

Yori stands when Michiko starts mentioning others who are in need of help. The young Saito will wear himself down to the bone before he gives up on someone, so he stands quickly and walks over to the individual. He kneels once again and puts a hand on the man, sending chakra through to see what the various injuries were, his eyes closed to help him visualize. "Bruises, lacerations, and a cracked rib," he reports after only a few moments, looking up at Michiko.

Michiko nods lightly. Yori should have a bit more energy, at least. Whether or not he feels it is up to debate! "Good. The lacerations… You want your chakra to seal them from the bottom up. Most cuts, deep or shallow, can be treated that way. Bruises is a bit more difficult, and they're really nothing to worry about. One of the ways to relieve a nastier one is to get some of the blood flowing and just send some pure healing chakra into the area in a quick burst. It might hurt the patient initially, but they'll be happy after the fact."
Michiko pauses for a second, then adds, "For any broken bone, you first need to set it manually. Then you need to quicken the healing process. These are something that cannot be helped entirely by our jutsu, and they're the reason why people with severe injuries have to stay at least a few more days in our care."

Yori nods in understanding to Michiko before he starts sending in the healing chakra to take care of the lacerations first. He heals it from the bottom up, pushing out a little blood to make sure nothing there could get infected. Once the lacerations are all healed he bypasses the bruises and moves straight on to the rib. Luckily it's not fully broken, just cracked, so he sends a little chakra in just to help it speed up and keep it from shifting while it heals naturally.

Michiko oversees Yori for a bit, nodding lightly as she sees what he's doing. The cuts are easy to see, but she had to put a hand to send a wave of chakra to see if he properly set the cracked bone. "Good. I'll leave you to your own side. You take that half, I'll take this half." Yori might notice there are about five less people on his side. "If you have any questions, don't hesitate to come to me." Then she moves to go heal her own patients, taking care of the ones with the worst wounds first. Fortunately, the pair had already taken care of a lot of those already, so a lot of 'minor' injuries were all they needed to deal with.

Yori nods lightly to Michiko in understanding as he finishes with this person and moves on to the next in his line of people. He doesn't come across anything too strange and as he goes he finds the lesser injured people towards the end. It's only a short time before he finally finishes and wipes his brow again. Now he's /really/ tired. He didn't know how Michiko did it.

Michiko is slightly more efficient in her healing, the girl going from person to person and making sure their wounds aren't life-threatening. Most are simply brought to the point where they'd be forced to rest so that they were out of harm, but unable to move freely. She met Yori at the end and gave him a light pat on the back. "Tired?" she asks sympathetically, knowing that it definitely can be taxing. If not in body, then in mind.

"Hai Michiko-san. I don't know how you can still have so much energy after healing all those people. It was…draining." Of course he had to focus a lot more than Michiko, and didn't have the experience at all. "Are there any more that we need to help?" He asks, glancing around the village to see what's left.

"If you're feeling up to it, we can strengthen the walls they have. They want a more solid defense, which is how some of the men have all their injuries. A failed lashing and something falls… Or even a building." Michiko shakes her head a bit. "If you have the energy, we'll do that. Otherwise I'll send a team of builders to this site and we can get some rest."

"I can try Michiko-san, but I'm not sure if I have the strength right now…" Yori says, rubbing at his eyes to try and clear them a bit. He really doesn't look like he can really walk all that well at this point, but Yori isn't one to give up.

Michiko smiles faintly. "Alright. Let's get back to the village," she says. She gives a whistle, and the Kumo-nin's horses both come as called. They were left to graze, after all! "Don't fall out of your saddle, Yori-San," she notes, helping him up if needed before getting on her own horse. The villagers themselves were all busy, but those who noticed the Shinobi leaving offered their thanks.

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