Yori’s Medic Training: Poisonous Points


Michiko, Yori

Date: September 7, 2015


Yori has his final (official) medic session with Michiko.

"Yori’s Medic Training: Poisonous Points"

Kumogakure - Hospital

Michiko had one more lesson for Yori. Well, technically two, but they could be combined easily to one. The girl had called Yori to the hospital, having him meet her at dawn. She was already there, wearing green-ish clothes (sorta mint-colored?) like a normal doctor at Kumogakure's hospital. "Almost time…" she says, looking around the room that she had booked.

Yori was home when he'd received word and, though it meant he had to skip breakfast, he'd done that and more for missions and such before. Of course his aunt had packed a small to go meal while he'd gotten ready and it was waiting in his pack as he left. He traveled to the hospital at a quick clip, only slowing down once he's through the main door. A quick bow to the reception area and he goes back to the room that Michiko was waiting in, opening the door and entering. "Good morning Michiko-sam…" he says, trailing off when he sees Michiko in the doctorr's uniform.

Michiko smiles faintly. "Yori-san. I'm glad you're here. You should put some of these on, too. And safety goggles," she adds, indicated the two pairs of goggles on the table. There's also a lot of vials on the table, a few scrolls, and a lot of books. "Today, we're learning about poisons and chemicals. And diseases." The Iwata moves to snap the goggles over her head, adjusting them properly.

Yori sets his pack in the corner before moving forward to don the uniform that's waiting for him. Taking his time to get it all correctly in place over his clothes before he reaches for the goggles. He positions them securely, making sure they are /just/ right before he turns back to Michiko and nods. "Hai Michiko-san! I'm ready!" He actually sounds excited for this. The young Saito looks over all the different stuff on the table though he doesn't touch anything as he gets his gloves neatly in place.

Michiko smiles a bit at the enthusiasm, then says, "Okay. Each of these vials contains a poison /or/ an antidote. They're basic poisons, really. And they can sometimes be mixed together to make a stronger one. Adding odd effects here and there." She doesn't indicate which are which… "The ones with the clear liquid a bit to the right are all diseases. Medic nin can't cure colds as well as normal medicine can. We rely on pills and shots like everyone else. But we /can/ prepare vaccinations just before the flu season."

Yori looks over the different vials as Michiko starts explaining what each one was, taking mental notes for the moment so he could add them to his real notes later. He has a really good memory though, so at least he doesn't have to worry about that /too/ much. "Hai, I always wondered about that," he admits. Now she's only shown him what certain ones contain, which leaves him curious as to which of the others are poisons and which are antidotes. But he doesn't say anything, just waiting patiently.

Michiko nods a bit. "Do you know how vaccinations are made? And why they're used to prevent diseases?" she asks the boy. She figures that he probably knows… But knowing he does rather than figuring would be much better in the long run. And if he doesn't, she'd explain.

"I haven't read on the entirety of how they're made, but I know it's either a very weak dose or a 'dead' dose of the infection that is injected into the body. Since it's much weaker than the full disease the body can fight it off and make the antibodies so that if it tries to attack the body again it can defend against it." Pretty much a textbook answer from Yori, but what else would you expect? He looks amongst the other vials, still curious but not going to push it…

"It's a bit different for all sorts of diseases. Some of them, we have certain chemicals that can break the disease, but it still is in a recognizable form. For some, we only need a part of the disease. So we can easily cut it out," Michiko explains. "Then we just need to inject it into a person, which can easily be done."
She notices Yori's gaze on the poisons and asks, a faint tease in her voice, "Interested in the more deadly poisons, Yori-san? These actually won't kill you. Just immobilize for a bit… The antidotes have been scrambled around, so I don't even know which is which. At least, if they look the same." Michiko moves to a vail, and she unstops it, pouring a drop or two onto a scroll. Interestingly, she surges some chakra into the scroll, and random characters that surround the seal suddenly light up.

"No…" Yori says, his cheeks actually tinging a light red at her teasing. "I'm very curious in how some of these could be used though. Um, I have ways of killing already, although I still prefer discussion over fighting. But paralytic poisons, or poisons that can make people talk, things like that have always interested me. But I, um, never really looked into it beyond reading. I knew you had to have a greater knowledge than just books to go by when dealing with poisons.

Michiko ahs faintly and nods. "Well, as I said, these are primarily paralytic. I do have a few recipes for truth-serums, of course. I have a few vials of those. And I always carry around extra poison… That may be a bit potent. I don't use it in spars, but I keep it with me always." She nods soberly, then gestures to the scroll. "The scroll is a bit special. It allows for you to recognize what exactly it is. The ingredients, specifically. Of course, it needs to be a pure sample, which is why we only use these things for training… Extracting poisons is extremely advanced, and it takes a lot more effort."

Yori nods his head as he listens to what Michiko says. He knows that some of jutsu also involve poison so he's not at all surprised in her ability to use and understand them all. When she's done explaining he looks down at the scroll curiously, examining the symbols around the edge of the circle. "I've seen these scrolls before…"

Michiko tilts her head a bit. "You have? Interesting. Well, I'll let you borrow these if you need them. Hmm…" She points to the glowing symbol and explains which poison it's made of. Then says, "You can find all the ones in these books. I also included notes on how to mix up more common poisons and truth serums, so you can study those on your own time." And hopefully that should give Yori a good base! "You're free to practice making one now. And then we can talk a bit about one more important thing."

Yori listens to Michiko and takes the books when she mentions them, quickly skimming the index to find a paralyzing potion of an easier caliber. It wouldn't fully paralyze them, just make it really hard to move. Once Michiko gives him the go ahead he quickly goes about finding the chemical ingredients he needs, then measuring and mixing them as it's stated in the book. Yori is very mathmatical so following instructions is really quite easy. It doesn't take too much time before finishes, holding up the vial with a bit of a triumphant smile. Although he doesn't ever smile really big. This is still more than normal! He goes to the scroll and dumps a drop onto it, examining the symbols to make sure it's right before putting in the stopper and turning to look at Michiko, still feeling quite triumphant.

Michiko watches Yori make the paralyzing potion curiously, tilting her head a bit. As soon as he starts mixing some of the ingredients, she recognizes. "Ah, good job, Yori-san. It's fairly impressive that you got it on the first try," she comments, giving him a small smile. "Make sure you keep the vial stopped up nice and tight, though. There are two reasons. One is so you don't accidentally get anything on you. The other reason is that you don't want to have the mixture lose its potency or disappear." She gives a faint nod. "Some of them can be turned into powders, actually. Especially those without taste. It's best to use those when you need to assassinate someone."
Michiko takes a moment to gather her thoughts. Yori's official training was almost done, so unless he felt like extra lessons, which she's happy to give, he would pretty much be on his own. "The last very important thing I need to teach you about are the chakra pressure points in the body. They line up very closely with the normal pressure points, but they can only be interrupted by chakra. As medics, we use them to insert healing chakra a bit faster. The Hyuuga clan in the Land of Fire are able to use them even more masterfully than a normal medic. They can control each point and even see them with their kekkei genkai. But since we don't have that ability, we'll just have to memorize the points on unmoving patients." She smiles faintly. "The book there will tell you about each point and what it affects. Read it thoroughly, and you can come to me with any questions. That's all, and you're officially dismissed." Michiko gives a small bow, then adds, "You're free to take all of these supplies, Yori-san. You look like you might have some fun with them." She grins faintly, then removes her doctor's clothes and suddenly flickers away.

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