Youth Kidnapped Army - The End


Yori, Hiei, Michiko, Raion, Kenichi

Date: March 31, 2015


The leader of the kidnapping ring is in the Land of Lightning setting up a new base. Once Kumo fines out they go to take care of business. They go to end this evil ring once and for all. (This is the last scene of the plot)

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Youth Kidnapped Army - The End"

Land of Lightning

Word had finally reached Kumogakure from both Suna and Konoha. Both of the other villages had cleansed their nations of kidnappers but signs pointed to the head honcho currently being in the Land of Lightning. Once this had reached Kumo the administrative types had gotten to work trying to find out where he might be. It was eventually Yori's notes and memory for an old report that located the man and where he was setting up his operation. Once it was discovered word was sent out to those available to come to the gates and be prepared to travel for a few days.
Yori is already at the gates, reviewing the map they'd drawn up and preparing to give it to whoever was going to be in charge. He'd only been told to deliver the item and join if it was requested. So the young Saito stands and waits patiently, chewing his lower lip thoughtfully.

Michiko is also at the gates with Yori, looking concerned. She had helped take down the main branch that was dangerously close to the border, so she had expected for the forces to discover something in Kumogakure. She was glad that they were able to find it quickly. "Hmm… It's hard to believe that the operation has spread so far…" she comments, mostly to herself.

Raion had gotten word of this mission and rushed out quickly, him and the every sleepy Atoneko that seems to never get sleep. He trots on up and smiles at the two, "Hey Michiko, hey Yori, Maneshi Raion reporting for duty! I got the messenger hawk. Those things are fancy. Pansa wanted to eat it though. I didn't let him obviously."

Kenichi lasily strolls down the street, his sandaled jabi-taki's shuffling in a drag that reluctantly carrying him to the gates, and a bare hand coming to muffle his yawn, as he looks around sleepily. The Reizei mutters out an annoyed, "Ohayo." As if this was just one big bother. A palm is planted at his waist, hip shooting out, and weight leaning onto one leg; while his free hand brushes through his hair of windswept golden locks with black highlights. His bright green eyes just look up and to the sky as he seeming drifts into his mind.

Hiei is the last to arrive at the front gate. The request for the mission had come across his desk and he had decided to lend the group his strength. He is clad in his standard shinobi gear, having cast off those kami-awful robes and that idiotic hat that one of his station was supposed to wear. Instead, the white duster was around his body, along with his body armor. The katana and wakazashi, Fukushi and Saiai, are sheathed on his back as he joins the small group. He takes a look around at all of the faces and offers an incline of his head to those gathered. "Ohayo everyone." He then looks towards Yori and Michiko. "Yotsuki Hiei, reporting for duty." He half-smiles after saying that. It had been way too long since he has.

The arrival of the Maneshi pairs earns them a deep bow from Yori. "Hello Raion-san, Pansa-san." He greets them, the boy uncharacterisically distracted with the news and the mission in general. Kenichi also gets a bow though he doesn't say anything to the other boy for now. When Hiei comes Yori blinks in surprise before bowing deeply, "Raikage-dono, I didn't know you were going to be coming." He looks between Hiei and Michiko, the rolled up map held up as he's not sure who gets it at this point.
After whoever will be in charge takes the map Yori clears his throat and gives the mission details. "A kidnapping ring that was in three of the five great nations has been destroyed but their leader hasn't been found. After days of research we located a new compound being created and believe the man is there trying to set up part of his scheme in the Land of Lightning." His voice hardens at that, not liking this at all. He looks about to say more, but then realizes it's not his show and so he ducks his head and steps back. "I'm here for information. I'm not included on the mission unless requested." He adds, leaving it up to the ones in charge. "I will try and answer any questions you might have."

Michiko smiles lightly, though it does reach her eyes as she also greets those who arrive. "We're seeking to get rid of the Ring before it even starts. Yori-san, you're joining the mission. Work with Kenichi-san if there's fighting. On the move, fill all of us in on the details." She takes the map, giving it a quick look over as she memorizes the location and plots out how to get there. "We should move quickly. The location is about a day away… So we'll need horses unless anyone dislikes the idea." She looks around, and depending on the consensus, she would allow everyone to get a mount before departing.

Raion looks a bit confused, "Horses? But what will Pansa ride? It kinda seems unfair for him. I suppose we could both run beside the horses. We have the speed for it. And as for the stamina. I believe we have that as well. We train for this kinda thing." Raion seems excited by the concept of trying to outlast a horse in a foot-race. Him and his Atoneko.

Kenichi is a bit taken aback as the Shadow of Cloud himself steps up to the plate. His bright wide green eyes just blink in astonishment. Clearly this wasn't a norm or at least not a norm for him. The Genin by and large remains quiet, clearing his throat, and listening intently to Yori as he speaks. A bare hand comes up to grip at the single strap backpack slung behind him. He tugs on the item nervously and then pulls out a kunai from a sheath and begins to twirl the blade deftly between his fingers. A bit artful, well, as far as Genin are concerned he's pretty snazzy, but the manner seems more about personal distraction than public attraction. The fidgeting stops however as Michiko speaks up, "Didn't realize I had a say. Better than walking the whole way, so I vote for horses." The kunai cuts the air sharply, snapping it as faint trickles of electricity and a wisps of air lick the edges, and then finds itself back in a concealed sheath. The Reizei fights back another yawn, digits raked through his hair, and finger tips pulling on a few strands at his bangs and giving an audible tsk before batting the locks away.

Hiei nods to both Yori and Michiko before he motions to a stablehand. After a few moments, a large black warhorse is brought out. Hiei pats the horse on the neck for a moment before mounting up. He transfers his swords from his back to the sheathes on the saddle in case he needs to fight from horseback. "Snake Eyes and I are ready to go when you all are." He rolls his shoulders. "Seems pretty straightforward. The only thing I need to know is if you want this guy alive or not." Because it didn't matter to him either way. Getting him back alive would actually prove more difficult for him. "While all of us have the speed and endurance for the trip, if we take prisoners, I wouldn't want to carry them all the way back to the village. That's why I generally ride Snake Eyes here." He pats the horse lightly.

Yori bows to Michiko and waits until the decision on horses is decided. He takes one and mounts up before getting under way. Along the way he explains the little he knows based on the reports he'd read. "From what we've been able to gather the man in charge always goes to set up new locations himself and takes a large guard contingent with him when he goes. Such a group was spotted starting to build in a small hidden valley and that's where we're going now. There's estimated to be nearly twenty people there." He pauses a moment before he adds, hesitantly, "Most of them seeming to be in their mid to late teens." As for whether or not the people are to be brought back dead or alive, Yori leaves that to the team leader.

Michiko calls for her own horse, Roadblock, and allows Raion to decide for himself, though she does get another for the Maneshi to ride in case he wants. "Hmm… If there are any children, make sure to keep them alive. The leader… Keep him alive too. We need to make sure he doesn't have any further set up, and I want to know just what he's up to." Even if she'd rather kill him. "I think we can afford to kill the guards and leave one alive if we can't take the leader… If they really do go with him to each set up."

Raion sets himself up beside the horses and prepares to run, "To be honest I don't even know how to ride a horse, so its probably better this way. Sorry, unless you wanna take the time to teach me I think it'd be better if we just get going." Raion smiles, he's still excited he's going to get to practice his speed and stamina against a horse, he doesn't want to miss this opportunity!

The casual talk of killing causes Kenichi's eyebrow to go high, clearing his throat, and shaking his head before turning to the stable master and acquiring his steed Artax; as long as the group avoids the swamp of sorrows his mount should be just fine and even come back alive. He takes a few moments to insure his sack and saddle are secure on the stallion and then leaps atop his ivory stead, reigning in the horse, and then lightly taps his heels against the beast making sharp tsk sounds. He comes into a slow stride next to the Raikage and begins to speak to him, "So Raikage-san, any advice on how to woe the ladies?" The Genin is nervous and it shows in his need to change topics about death, "I'm sure a man" The Reizei pup pauses for a moment to consider his words, "as seasoned as you has some wisdom to share?"

Hiei nods to Raion. "I can teach you later, but you're right. We should be going right now." He then nod to Michiko. "I concur. Though I make no promises if they mine me off. I will try my best though." A chuckle escapes his lips when Kenichi rides next to him and asks him about women advice. Hiei takes a moment to look up at the sky as a thoughtful look comes across his face. "Hmm. Well, you'll find that Kumo kunoichi respect strength. They want to be treated like respectable women, but they don't want to be coddled. Treat them as equals and not as delicate flowers, and you'll probably have some success." He shrugs faintly. "Afterall, I beat the craft out of my wife when we first met. She apparently thought that was sexy." And he's saying this with the straightest of faces, taking Kenichi's question seriously. He adds. "Oh, and they dig scars. Trust me."

The journey is long though not extremely difficult. When the sun starts to set a stop is called and camp is made for the night. After watches are set everyone gets a good nights sleep before things are put away and the journey is continued the next morning. They arrive at the mountains surrounding the small valley a little before noon. The mountain itself has a tricky trail that the horses should be able to follow up, but the way down is not so lucky. They'll either need to leave the horses or teach them how to fly. Below in the valley there is a large building half-completed as well as the beginnings of a wall being set up. From here everyone would be able to see people moving around below, working on the building with a few men standing guard and watching the mountains surrounding them.
Yori pauses in an area they can leave the horses hidden from the view of the valley before giving a peek over some rocks to look below. His lips tighten into a grimace as he considers the people below but he says and does nothing, instead turning his attention to Michiko as he waits for her orders. Or for some kind of plan. Or something.

Kenichi forms a grin that threatens to take over his face, "Alright." He says playfully and presses his lips together in thought. He keeps the casual banter up until the group hastens their pace to gallop or a full on sprint. As they camp for the night the Reizei awakens in a groggy fashion, slowly getting his butt in gear, and finally warming up when the team finds their vantage point. He keeps low, eyes looking every which way, and breathes shallow as he watches the goings on below, before clasping his hands together to form the seal of the tiger and begins to knead chakra in his belly.

Michiko shoots Hiei a look as she hears his advice to Kenichi, but doesn't bother commenting. She had to focus on the mission itself, making sure that they were on the right path. When they stopped to rest, she would create a barrier of earth (or several) to provide a bit of shelter. She orders everyone to dismount about a mile out of the valley, leaving the horses where they are so they can return to them later. They wouldn't run away. Then her attention is on the compound.
"Hmm… Raion-san, try to get a bit closer to the compound with Kenichi-san. Don't get spotted. Yori-san, study the compound a bit and figure out if there are any patterns to their movements. We should exploit those. Once we have a sense of what we're dealing with, then we can figure out what to do from there…"

Raion nods and tries his best to stick by Kenichi while being sneaky, crouching down and being ready. "Ready to move." he says quietly, and stays crouched. Pansa doesn't really do anything different, he's kind of naturally stealthy. And sleepy. Pansa stays close to Raion, ready to move as well.

Hiei kept up with the light banter with Kenichi until they camped for the night. The next morning would find him up and alert, ready to continue the journey. Once they arrive on site, he would stash Snake Eyes behind those bushes that Yori indicated. He draws his chakra blades from the saddle and places them back onto the sheathes on his back. Kneeling down at the edge of the ridge, he would extend his senses, trying to get a location on the strongest source of chakra while at the same time, seeing if he can spot the man visibly.

The numbers from the report were accurate as there are twenty people below. Michiko's tremor sense would tell her that there are three people inside the only completed room of the building. Hiei's chakra sense helps him identify the younger folks in the group, of which there's about fifteen. While they're young, they aren't as young as the kidnap victims are and they aren't being 'monitored' by anyone else. The strongest source of chakra comes from the building though it's impossible to see inside the one closed room. Raion notices that there are five of the teens patrolling around loosely. They don't appear to expect anyone to intervene in their affairs.
The patrols aren't very well set and, though Yori watches carefully, he can't see any real pattern. He frowns ever so slightly as he continues to watch the happenings in the compound. "Their patrols are too loose Michiko-san." He mutters. "They don't appear to be expecting an attack of any kind."

Raion returns to the others and reports his findings, "There are about five teens patrolling around, they don't look very… organized and they just don't seem to be expecting anything." Raion is oblivious to the fact he basically just repeated what Yori just said. He still looks happy though! So yeah!

Kenichi stays close to Raion, following his lead, and looking to the man like he's an idiot as a bird passes over head saying, "Aho, ahooo, ahoooooo." Which draws the attention of the Reizei momentarily before his eyes fall back on the patrolling teens. He gulps harshly and tries to steel his mind for what might come.

Hiei frowns slightly. "Most of them are inexperienced. Though I sense a strong chakra signature coming from the single building. I'm willing to bet that's where the boss is. The younglings don't seem to be monitored, but it's difficult to really tell." He turns to Michiko. "I can stealth and try to enter the building unseen. I'll time my attack with yours which will keep their commander off the battlefield and possibly leave the rest of them in disarray from not receiving any orders from him." Hiei's tactical mind is running several scenarios on how to take them all down quickly, given the numbers. "We're outnumbered, so I don't suggest a frontal assault."

Michiko takes in all the information, considering each piece. "Hmm… Alright. … Considering the ages, I imagine it shouldn't be too hard if you three," she's meaning the Genin and wanderer, "Make a distraction. And one of us can assist while the other works on infiltrating the place… Like Hiei-san mentioned, it would likely keep those on the inside off our tails, but it would mean those on the outside would have to deal with a lot of attacks. Picking them off one by one could also work… Then we could sneak in easily." She seems to nod lightly as she thinks. "I think if you infiltrate while we create a distraction, that would work best."

Yori nods to Michiko as she gives her directions and then he looks over to the wanderer and other Genin and moves down next to them. "We will cause the distraction whenever you are Raikage-dono are ready, Michiko-san." He says simply, then looks down to the compound below and waits for the orders.

Michiko nods lightly, waiting for a confirmation nod from everyone. Hiei is sent ahead of the group so he can get into position before them, as he had a slightly longer distance to travel. Michiko sends Yori, Raion, and Kenichi off to the side to take care of one patrol while she would go to a different side and ready herself for an attack that would draw attention away from Hiei.

Raion nods, and looks to Yori and nods again, "Alright. So don't attack the first person I see? I'll wait for your signal. I'm not good with timing.. Heh." Raion will stay crouched down, while Pansa looks in the direction of where they will be headed once the signal was given. Both Raion and Pansa seem ready for battle!

Hiei backs away from the edge and nods to Michiko. He forms a single handseal and there is a poof, and there is a sudden gust of wind. And it looks like nothing happened. He then moves back to his spot and kneels down again. What actually happened is that Hiei summoned a shadow clone and then vanished rapidly using his heightened speed. While the clone remains with the group, Hiei is rapidly making his way towards the building, arriving in moments but pausing before entering, looking around to make sure that he wasn't seen.

Nobody saw nothin' with that roll! Yori waits a little longer until Michiko points them towards a patrol of three. He gives a small nod to Michiko before motioning for the others to follow him and he starts sneaking down the side of the mountain until he's on the valley floor. Once there he waits a few more moments until the rest of the group is there before attacking, flashing forward to the farthest person in the proud and trying to punch him right in the nose!

Michiko waits for the signal from Hiei, assuming that his clone would let them know when he was in position. As soon as it's given, then she flashes through a few handseals, an earthen hand (times two) springing up to catch some of the guards and trapping them in demonic graves that would hopefully keep them unable to be heard despite being caught. She really pulled out all the stops to grab them.

Raion follows Yori stealthily, waiting by him up until he teleports! He leaps after him and goes to deliver his electrified metal claws to the patrol, both him and Pansa both attacking in sync.

The clone indicates to Michiko and Yori when Hiei is ready and then promptly poofs. Hiei himself inhales and then exhales a large ball of fire through the building. He didn't care if it hit anyone or not. It was just his way of knocking, is all. After releasing the fire, he reaches over his shoulder to draw the katana from it's sheath. "Hey, I came here to arrest you..on order of the Raikage." There was no need to tell him that he /is/ the Raikage.

The body flicker strike hits the guard in the patrol, causing him to double over in pain and drop to his knees. This is followed by Raion appearing and using his lightning metal claws. They bite into one of men, causing him to cry out in pain, but the other one manages to avoid the hit and draws a sword, slashing twice at the Maneshi in quick strokes. The two that Michiko goes after are caught up in the trap, unable to move fast enough when the earth grabs them. They start shouting for the brief moment that they're above ground but it's cut off. It's enough to warn the others however and the diversion becomes a success as swords are drawn and the teens start running towards the three, attacking as soon as they're near.
The building explodes as the fireball tears through it and sends shrapnel in all different directions. When the dust clears there are three men still alive from inside. One of them had surrounded the others with a seal barrier to protect them, but unfortunately two of the adults didn't make it. So sad. Two of the three remaining attack, the seal user and what turns out to be a water user.

Yori thinks he's prepared for the new teens when they attack and he successfully blocks the first attack. The second attack, however, sneak past his guard and bites into his arm. The Saito's face is neutral, a battle ready steady look as he attacks the teens back, disappearing again to elbow one teen in the head, then swinging around his vambrace to punch another in the chest. Don't kill them, right?

Michiko grins slightly when she sees the teens come over. The plan was working so far. She quickly throws up a barrier of earth to block the sword slashes at her body, which is effective for both, though it crumbles after taking the hits. Fortunately, she didn't need it as fire and earth are combined so that metal snakes wrap around the ones attacking her. "Hmm… I don't suppose either of you know your boss's plans? I would like to know this information, if you can provide it," she requests lightly.

Raion just couldn't react quick enough, his metal claws starting to spark up and get the arcing electricity that it normally does but the sword cutting into his arm makes him stop that, he tries to move out of the way but ends up taking another cut to the other arm, "Okay, now that hurts." He says, before rushing back at them again, once again with the metal vibrating arcing electricity claws!

Hiei steps to the side to allow the paper seal to miss him. No telling what kind of nasty mess was involved in that. He attempts to hop backwards to avoid the water spear, but it grazes his arm as it flies by, creating a scratch that will be added to the many other scratches and cuts along his body. He huffs faintly. "Why don't you guys ever just see reason and give up? Now I will be forced to thrash you." He runs a finger along the blade of his katana, causing the blade to glow neon blue before he strikes out towards the seal master. He turns on his heel and swings his blade towards the water user, sending a shockwave of energy towards him just before his body warps from view as he attempts to cut him as he moves by at hyper speed.

The teens don't seem to stand much of a chance against the shinobi. While they do get in a few cuts here and there it's nothing compared to what they get in return. They each fall to the ground, either passed out from pain or knocked unconscious from the blows. Except for the ones that Michiko has. "We don't know anything! We just serve the Captain, that's all, please don't kill us!" One of them says in reply to the questioning. Eleven down, nine to go! The rest of the teens charge in towards the shinobi now, once again trained in kenjutsu and using their swords. These six are a little older and seem at least a little more skilled.
The seal and water users neatly avoid the attacks from the Raikage, one of them sneering. "Look who's talking. You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Now it's time for you to die." The seal user lashes out with a barrier seal to lock Hiei in place while the water user sends out a large wave towards the man.

Yori again doesn't fully succeed in avoiding the slashes, wincing as the blade cuts in to his shoulder. But there's not much he can do about it. The young Saito looks over to check on everyone else a brief moment before turning back to the two new attackers. He charges in once more, fist flying as he tries to knock the teens out.

Michiko nods lightly at the response. She doesn't bother to check to see if they're lying, though, as she's attacked almost straight after from behind, a slash going down her upper back. Shallow, but then another is to her arm. "Dang it… I should have kept focus…" she curses, green chakra surrounding her hands as she attempts to dart in real close to both of the teens and just strike them in key places that would make them unable to attack.

Raion sees the new threats appear and jumps back out of the way of the newfound threats, and then charges up his metal claws once again, this time striking quick enough to sneak the attack in before the second slash lands, whether or not that electrified slash lands or not he'd start slashing out at any further threats he detects!

Hiei manages to dance out of the way of the binding jutsu, but is slammed head on by the wave of energy. It sends him skidding backwards all the way onto the battlefield where the others were. He picks himself up off the ground, his hair and clothing soaking wet. "You know what..enderman this. Michiko will just have to be creepered off at me." He roars as his muscles expand and a lightning infused aura of intense blue covers his body. His clan's nintaijutsu technique. He takes a tighter grip on his katana and withdraws his second sword from his back. He growls under his breath. "You're both dead." His body vanishes and then re-appears next to the seal user as he swings both swords towards him at once. His body warps and blurs again as he moves to behind the water user and then begins to unleash a flurry of sword strikes upon them, by the end, he aims for the neck for a swift decapitation.

Yori's teens go down for the count while Raion meets with half the success. Michiko is, unfortunately, not so lucky as these teens seem to be rather skilled. The move away from her glowing hands with a fluid ease before slashing at those hands, trying to chop them off and all! Raion's remaining teen decides to leave the man himself alone and instead goes after Pansa, slicing down at the cat. Hiei's certainly spidered off and it shows as the seal and water user have absolutely no chance and by the end of things are just pools of blood. From behind Hiei there's some slow applause. "That speed and skill. You must be the Raikage himself." The last adult says, drawing a large two handed sword over his shoulder. "I am Garu, and this is my operation you're interfering with. It will be the last thing you do interfere in as I will now be your death." That said the man moves - quickly. He flashes over to Hiei and swings his sword quickly in two powerful blows, the heavy blade wielded like it weighs nothing.

While the others are fighting Yori goes about tieing up all the unconscious teens. There's a lot of them to be tied up so it's going to take some time…

Michiko curses a bit, withdrawing her hands quickly to avoid getting them chopped off. The barrier of earth that rises up knocks away the weapons enough that her arms each get a nice slash, though it's nothing career damaging (thank the gods). She flashes through handseals again, eyes narrowing. "So troublesome…" she says, chakra flaring up around her body as earthen hands snake out and attempt to grab both teens, dragging them into a grave much like the first ones were trapped in.

Raion watches as the teen goes for the clearly already prepared cat, the cat's claws flash a bit as the Atoneko slashes out suddenly at him, delivering a deep cut and a bit of an electric shock should it connect. Both Raion and Pansa both will follow-up, whether the first hit or not, and attack, Raion using a much weaker attack while Pansa attempts to swipe again, Raion goes through some seals and then releases a burst of small bolts of lightning at every hostile he can see.

Hiei saw the large blade coming for him and his body seems to teleport. Accompanying the movement is a loud boom from the displacement of air that sounds much like a thunderclap. As he moves back in, the second strike hits him across the armor, damaging both it and him, but not as bad as if he was hit dead on. He slides along on his feet backwards from the force of the blow while bracing himself. He shakes his head to clear the cobwebs. "Guilty. And I know who you are, which is why we can't allow you to continue. Look around. Your forces are gone." Hiei roars and the ground beneath him cracks and quakes as he calls up the pinnacle of his power. His muscles expand even more, to three times their mormal size. A static looking aura appears around his body, lightning flashing and lancing off it.
Knowing that this guy was not going to listen to reason, Hiei had several options. He could attempt to finish this quickly, but with his most powerful technique, he couldn't exactly pull the punch on that. And Michiko would be upset. So he goes for option two. Incapacitate. He takes a moment to sheathe both swords, moving into an unarmed stance. "Come on.." He waves the man on before he runs towards him, ducking slightly before shooting a closed fist towards his abdomen. If the attack hits, he would violently inject lightning chakra into the man's body, therefore shutting down his central nervous system, rendering him unable to move or continue the fight.

The teens are cleaned up as the earth grabs up Michiko's last two and Pansa strikes down the last remaining one. While Yori works on tying them all up that only leaves Hiei with his man. But even that doesn't last long. The man is highly skilled, there's no doubt about that, but against the full force of the Raikage he doesn't really stand a chance. "I can get more forces. There's no lack of children in the world living on the streets. I give them a roof over there head after all." He raises the sword and prepares to counter the Raikage's strike, but it's all too fast. His body goes rigid and the blade drops from numb fingers. He drops to his knees, then forward onto his face as his body shuts down from the electrical current.

Yori finishes tying up the last of the teens and straightens, looking over to see how Hiei did. Well he's still alive, that's good! Eyes shift to Michiko, then finally to Raion and Pansa. They did it. They caught the leader of the evil kidnapping ring. All thanks to their bad-zombieness.

Michiko binds those that are still trapped in her demonic graves and metal bindings, making sure that they aren't planning to escape. The fact that they managed to capture most of the targets was good. Maybe they could be un-brainwashed and have use in the Hidden Villages or lead peaceful lives. The wounds on her body are treated so that they aren't bleeding. "Does anyone need healing?" she wonders, glancing between Yori and Raion and Pansa before her attention would shift to Hiei.

Once the boss drops, Hiei withdraws ninja wire from his belt and hog ties the man up, making it where even if he is very strong, he can't break free. He then punches the man in the face. He still looks nethered, but he then grabs him by the hair and literally drags him over to where everyone else is. The aura around his body fades and his muscles shrink back down to their normal size. "I feel like I just went through a meat grinder." He comments before tossing the man in front of Michiko and then promptly sitting down to get his breath back. He was in bad shape from various wounds on his body. He raises his hand towards Michiko. "I do.

"I could use healing if you can Michiko-san. If not then I will be fine." Yori says with a smile of thanks. When Hiei returns the boy bows deeply, "That was very impressive Raikage-dono." He says.
Now that the people are captured the kidnapping ring has truly come to an end. The leader is caught and the horses are all loaded up with unconscious folk for the trip back to Kumogakure, the leader to face charges assumedly.

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