Yumi's First RP


Yumi, Hiroyasu, Yamamoto

Date: April 24, 2013


Yamamoto leads Yumi and Hiroyasu on an E-ranked "mission" to find good homes for kittens. Also, this was Yumi's first RP session and was used for examples of RP formalities/etiquette.

"Yumi's First RP"

Konohagakure Mangetsu Intersection

Mangetsu Intersection [Konohagakure]

The central section of Mangetsu Intersection has to main purposes, one is to provide paths in all directions to varies different areas within the village. The first path set in the west leads towards an area that even from Mangetsu looks like all the houses and areas found within it is made out of wood. There also seem to be allot of trees within the western pathway of Bamboo Way. Towards the north is a narrow concrete street leading towards a large stone bridge, Gekkani Bridge leads towards the central Vine Street in the north as well as boast several places for adults to relax away from their children.

Towards the east is a lush area filled with antique Japanese houses of various different sizes and varieties; from low up to even high class. Members of the Hyuga clan seem to hang around within this street. Finally, towards the south Hantsuki Clear leads towards a nature driven area, a pathway of grass is seen extending south. There are no houses within this area but it eventually leads to the beautiful Zen Gardens and eventually to an unmarked path.

The second purpose for Mangetsu Intersection is to provide a spot for people to sit down at the several small shops, restaurants, minor weapon shops. These areas are strategically circling Mangetsu to entice and lure others as the ponder in which direction they want to be heading. Mangetsu for this reason is always filled with tourists, Ninja and people from within the village coming together to chat and spend the day while in return spending allot of currency.


You come to notice a small female who stands 5'5 a little short for her age. Her slim body has yet to fill into her womanly curves as she is also a late bloomer of the bunch. She has bright blue almond eyes that dont really stand out or anything. Her hair is down to her shoulder blades and black and blue color mixed, her hair is most likely kept in a tight pony tail but sometimes it is running wild and free.

This young female likes to wear different style of clothing such as pants that have a lot of chains on them, people will get use to hearing her come but once the chains are off she is silent as a cat sneaking in the night. Her T-shirt always captures her mood with the words written on her chest, such as 'Wolfie Style'. The colors of her clothes are almost always Black mixed with a bit of Blue or Red.

The young ladies skin is a light pale color, she has yet to develope any muscles on her but she can still hold her own in a fight, her legs are more develped than the rest of her body.

The shinobi you see before you stands at 5'1 with tanned skill and a slim body type. Perhaps the most outstanding thing one might notice upon looking at him is the fact that his head is completely bald. Green eyes peer out behind a pair of wire rimmed glasses upon a boyish face. There is a tattoo of a lotus blossom on his left shoulder, and while he is on the skinny side, he is not to the point of looking sickly.

This youth is dressed simply. On his head is the ever-present forehead protector that displays that he is a ninja of the Land of Lightning. His ears are pierced with a set of small gold hoop earrings. A navy blue sleeveless gi adorns his upper body. The sleeves of the garment have been ripped off giving it a frayed look about his shoulders. On his legs are a pair of baggy cargo pants that are wrapped at the legs just before reaching his shinobi shoes. Around his waist is a utility belt with multiple pouches for holding his ninja tools and gear.

A young man in his late teens with ochre coloured skin. He is tall and muscular. His eyes are opal. He wears a dark red vest open in the front and dark red pants which are baggy, but brown wrappings cover the shins and calfs of the pants and keep them tight to the skin. Brown tabi cover the feet. Around his waist a thick bright yellow sash is tied to leave a pair of foot long tails hanging, and a matching yellow bandana tied in a skull cap covers his hair and bears an Iwagakure forehead protector. From the edges of his bandana spills thick shoulder-length black hair.

Its late summer in Konohagakure, but there is just enough cloud cover to make today's heat relatively mild. As such a lot of people are out and about in the village enjoying the very slight breeze and the sunny day.
In Konohagakure every road leads to Mangetsu Intersection, or at least every main road. It is here, in Mangetsu Intersection, that a young man from Iwagakure known as Yamamoto finds himself today, and this is where a lot of other people are hearing him today. He stands on a large wooden crate with a cardboard box on his shoulder. He yells out, "Kittens looking for a good home! They are small and fuzzy and loving. The perfect gifts for loved ones." While passing by, a man looks up at Yamamoto. Immediately siezing the opportunity Yamamoto uses his free hand to point at the man and says, "You there! Yes, I see your interested in taking home a fine kitten. Do you have a warm place in your heart and home? Can you spare some love for a homeless and helpless creature?" The man, embarassed, walks away quickly.

Walking around Konoha Village Yumi's hands stuffed in her pocket as she looked around the food shops, her stomach soon growling out begging her for food. She soon came to a tall male not seeming to be from Konoha Village with a box on his shoulder giving away kittens. She slowly stopped in front of him looking up at him "Mister did you cat have kittens?" Yumi asked in a sweet voice as she reached up to move the hair from her eyes that the wind blew into her face. &R &T Rocking back and forth on her heels she could hear the small cries of kitten in the box "I wish I can get a cat but poor Kai doesn't like felines" she told him as she looked down at the dirt road as a small sigh escaped her lips.

Hiroyasu's bald head shinning the sun, peaks above the shoulderline of the crowd, The large boulder bouncing in it's intricate cradle of ropes as he walks down the street. It was the time of day where he wandered the market trading the goods he scavenged from the morning. Passing by the man holding the box of kittens, "Iwagakure-sempai?" he asks seeming confused rubbing the back of his head "What's with the box of kittens?" he asks looking at the kittens and if it was alright rubbing their chins and scratching their ears.

Yamamoto looks down at the little girl as she arrives and he grins at her and listens to what she has to say. He also spots the bald Kumo-nin as he approaches. Yamamoto puts a hand between his eyes and Hiroyasu's head, apparently to reduce the glare, and chuckles. "You polish that thing earlier? Or maybe your practicing a new blinding jutsu," Yamamoto jokes. "Ah, but little ones, I am actually on a mission." Yamamoto crouches down to get closer to the Genins' level. "I was asked by a nice old lady to help find good homes for her cat's kittens. You two wouldn't want to help, would you? There is a sweat payment for proper completion. I doubt anybody could resist the pleas of a cute little girl and Hiroyasu-kun here at least looks smart."

Yumi looked over as another man walked up, he too was from the same clan as the first male, "I would love to help!" she said as she jumped up and down a bit. Yumi smiled as she looked around already spotting a young mother with two young girls by her side, running up to the mother she started to chat with her "Ma'am would you like to have a free kitten?" she asked as she looked at them all.
The mother Looked down at Yumi and smiled a bit then looked at her girls "Well what do you say?" she asked them watching them as they tugged at there mothers pink and purple flower Khomono. "Alright I will take one" she said, Yumi lead the female back over to the two males and stood proud "This lady is going to take a kitten" she said with a huge smile.

Hiroyasu chuckles at the jest about his radiant crown "Blinding jutsu, all the way" he jests before rubbing a kitten under the chin "As Least, I look smart." he mutters to the kitten before looking up to see the lady and her children "Please, Please pick your favorite. So soft, a loving pet!" he says with a large grin in typical Hiro fashion. "One day, an excellent mouser perhaps, no more annoying mice? Or perhaps a lap warmer in the chilly winter months?" he waggles his eyebrows.

Yamamoto gets down off of his crate and holds the box down for everyone to see inside. As he does so he looks at Hiroyasu and says, "Maybe you should get a cat to keep your head warm at night, shiny-kun." There are six kittens, and all of them are orange tabi-cats except for one more grayish coloured one. "Take your pick. I'm sure anyone who can take care of children has more than enough love for a kitten," he says to the lady, then looks down at Yumi. "Good job. I'm Katen Yamamoto, of Iwagakure, and I'm a chuunin."

Yumi smiled looking in the box as one of the young girls picked up an orange cat hugging it and peting it. The mother looked at them both and smiled "I thank you both Kindly" she said to him "Thank you sir for the wonderful kitten!" the two children spoke before walking away with there mother. Yumi looked over at Yamamoto and smiled "I am Yumi, I am a genin" she said holding out her hand to Shake his.

Hiroyasu nods sagely "Yes, yes, I could skin a kitten and wear it as a fur cap.. very sage advice sempai." he pauses for moment before adding "May I have a kitten?" with a waggle of his brow. "I am Katayama, Hiroyasu. Kumogakure Genin." he points a finger skyward "Junior Ambassador and Cat-skin cap aficionado!" he says with a bow.

Yamamoto takes Yumi's hand to shake it and as he does he begins to laugh at Hiroyasu's joke. He evidently finds it quite funny, as he laughs heartily and loudly. "Thats pretty good, Shiny-kun," he says, releasing Yumi's hand. "Now what can you do to find these kittens good homes instead of cold waxy ones?" He nods his head towards Yumi and says, "She has already found one out of six. Its almost as though Konoha ninjas are better at these things than Kumo ninjas." He looks back to Yumi, "Your sure you can't take one yourself, Yumi-chan?"

Yumi raised her shoulders a bit before dropping them quickly in a shrug "I am not sure…I am getting a Ninja dog soon I don't know if they will be friendly with the kitten" she told him as she reached her hand up petting the oddly colored kitten. Since he wasn't orange he was special to her in his own way, he stood out from the rest of his litter, "Maybe I will take him, couldn't hurt really" she said picking the kitten from the box and pulling him to her shoulder as she pet his head. Using his claws the Kitten crawled up her shoulder and rubbed his head against her cheek, Yumi laughed softly before turning around looking for more people to get these kitten. Yumi stopped a couple who walked by holding hands asking them if they would like to pick out a sweet loving Kitten for there home. They both nodded walking up to the box and picking out a Kitten before bowing "Arigatou!!" they both smiled as they walked away.

Hiroyasu rubs the back of his head "Well sempai, the thing is, if you had a box of baby goats or rock lizards. I probably could sell them Kumogakure style. But Kittens just aren't our thing. But I suppose I could try" he clears his throats "Ladies and Gentlemen, Behold! I give you Kittens, FOR FREE." he shouts loudly before shaking his head "Yeah, I'm not feeling it. I mean it's just a kitten." he says looking at them for a moment.. "I wonder if Hiei needs new socks.." he says eying the kittens for a moment rubbing his chin.

Yamamoto looks towards Yumi and rubs his chin for a moment. "Wow, not only good at selling, but she keeps choosing real winners for cat homes," he comments before adressing Hiroyasu. "I don't think your supposed to eat Kittens, Shiny-kun. And their skin is MUCH too thin for making anything worthy of clothing." He looks back towards Yumi. "You should go ahead and keep that one, Yumi-chan," he says. "Kittens can get along fine with puppies, and I think that one likes you. It might be sad if you abandoned it now."

Yumi smiled and nodded petting the Kitten as he stood on her shoulder, she again looked for another person to show to the kittens. She watched a man walk pass looking at the kitten on her shoulder, he walked up to pet the Kitten "Well isn't he cute?" he said before looking into the box "are these free?" he asked as he looked around at them all.
Yumi nodded "Yes sir" she said watching him Pick up two kittens from the box "Thanks!" he said as he carried the two in his arms as he walked away. Yumi danced around a bit that there was only one more left, only when the scent of food hit her nose did she remember she was hungry and had yet to have lunch. The kitten purred on her shoulder rubbing agianst Yumi more and climbing to the top of her head getting more attention but no one was brave enough to walk over.

Hiroyasu shakes his head "I would never harm a kitten sempai. They are defenseless and naive, I just had a random thought about what I needed in the market." he rubs the last kitten under the chin "I was just looking at a kitten when I said it. You Iwagakure shinobi have some perverse thoughts." he says shaking his head in disappointment "I thought you were supposed to be down to earth people.. I suppose that was just someone spinning yarn." he looks at the chuunin "Why don't you lead by example, wouldn't you give it a home sempai?" he asks watching the Konohagakure genin just trounce him in the kitten selling department. "Inuzuka-san, I forfeit to your superior salesmanship." he bows his head in shame.

Yamamoto smiles to Hiroyasu. "We live high on the mountain-tops. Our heads are in the clouds and our feet are planted firmly on the ground. I suppose I could probably give it a home." He looks at the orange tabi-cat kitten. "Though its life will be hard it will be filled with love. That's the important part, I think." He looks back up to Yumi and Hiroyasu as he lifts the box with one lone kitten in it to his shoulder. "That makes five for Yumi-chan and one for Shiny-kun. I'm sorry shiny-kun…" He looks down at Hiroyasu. "…but the owner of the dango-shop was the one who hired me, at the promise of one dango per cat, which means Yumi gets five and you get one. The reward is weighted to the success, I'm afraid."

Yamamoto points his finger towards one side of the intersection, where an aged woman with a kind smile waves towards the group of Shinobi. She is standing next to a rolling dango-stand on the edge of which sleeps an old orange tabi-cat, apparently one of the parents of the box of kittens.

Yumi smiled and waves "Thank you Yamamoto-Chan!!" she called after him as he left down the dirt road, turning around with the kitten on her shoulder she began to look for food as she walked her own path. Yumi soon came across the pet shop looking into the window at the pups as they sat in the window, some sleeping and some playing around. Yumi walked inside the petshop talking to the old man who stood behind the counter.

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