Yuuichi meets the lady known as Mune


Yuuichi, Mune

Date: November 25, 2010


Yuuichi goes in search of the Evolution Agenda building in Kusagakure. When he finds it, he also finds the buxom beauty Mune and is inadvertently placed into some awkward situations.

WARNING: Contains PG-13-rated humor.

"Yuuichi meets the lady known as Mune"

Just Outside/Inside the Evolution Agenda Main Office

It's a bit after midday under decently clear skies. The streets are busy, full of people that are milling about, or shopping, or walking to and fro between places, or even heading to the stadium to watch the ongoing fights. Needless to say, there's plenty of people about, and even some of them are heading towards the entrance to the Evolution Agenda building. Such a wondrous place it is, to draw in those that truly need the help that they cannot get anywhere else. Even then, the rumors abound, though unsubstantiated and merely speculation.
One of those that are heading towards the building is Yuuichi, the caped young man who walks amongst the crowds, carefully weaving his way with purpose towards the facility. In one of his hands he carries a small business card. Stopping outside of the building, he looks up at it and then holds up the card as if inspecting it and the place in front of him. Despite his mask, it's clear that he's a bit apprehensive about the situation.

A man with a mask covering the top half of his face is standing at the entrance to the Evolution Agenda building. It has a wide entrance, with plenty of room for multiple people to pass through the revolving doors. Revolving doors? Very unusual to the people of these lands. Infact, it is likely they have never seen them before at all. Many are confused by them at first, and some are even scared. But others find them to be novel and fun -- to the point that children go through them just for the sake of doing so.
And yet, even so, there are complications. A dark-skinned woman in a white longcoat, with a high collar that covers her face from just below the nose and downwards, is approaching the building. She has visited a couple times before, but never lingers. All anyone who works here knows is that she is part of the R&D department of the company. R&D? Well, the purpose of the Evolution Agenda IS clearly stated on backlit posters behind glass panes all over the walls of the building's interior. The scrolling poster boards display explanations that EA is working not just to fix the short-term problems of people in general, but to plan for and promote a better future for all human beings.
There are even tour-guides who will show each poster, one at a time, and explain the various things that EA is involved in. Cheap, easily-produced food is one of the things they are researching. So most people assume that Mune is involved with that or something similar. As she approaches the stairs -- and ramps, and mechanical lifts for the physically impaired -- in front of the doors, she notices Yuuichi standing idle. Most other men have noticed her pretty quickly already, due to the lack of shirt underneath her open coat. But she pays them no mind. The fact that this one man is focused on the building momentarily draws Mune's interest. "…Business card, huh?" she asks from right next to the man. "Can't count how many of those I've seen lately. They're even recyclable and water proof and count less than two Mon to produce a dozen of. I invented the water proof coating." She pauses. "Not that you probably care. Revolving doors intimidating you? Need me to show you how to use them?"
She is mentally kicking herself for trying to be nice to a stranger. The last time she was nice to someone she got icecream spewed on her. But it's a bit late now.

Yuuichi blinks at first when a woman appears beside him and starts speaking about the business card he's holding. He looks from the card to her and then back again as if he expects it to have some answers about what's going on and who this woman is. Not that it's likely to be the case considering the card is from someone other than this woman. When he looks back and notices her state of dress he flushes red and looks away again, back to the card which he focuses on before clearing his throat.
"No, the door aren't intimidating," he says to her before he lowers the card and looks back to her, focusing on her eyes. "Just not exactly sure what I'm coming here for. Just…" He pauses for a moment and looks thoughtful. It takes him a few moments to continue. "I met a woman named Rei outside of a theater. She and I got to talking and as it turns out, she's pretty knowledgable on things I agree with. She gave me this card and directed me here, telling me I might find a place where other people feel the same way. Essentially. A place where I could fit in."

Mune looks into Yuuichi's eyes, seemingly not bothered by that brief look at her lack of coverings on her top half. The coat covers anything indecent. By Mune's definition of 'indecent' anyway. And it wouldn't be anything new to be stared at. "I see. So you're coming here due to a similarity of ideaology between this company's workers and yourself? That's not uncommon. They have plenty of people with ideas for how to make the world a better place that come in at least once a day. We have people who listen to what they have to say, and then try to find a way to implement those ideas. I know Rei-san. And I know what she'd tell you right now."
Mune turns her cyan eyes away and focuses up the stairs, crossing her arms under her chest. "That card has taken you this far with the promise of belonging. It has shown you the doors to what might be your future. Will it be your future? The only way to find that out is to take the first step, because that card isn't going to do that for you, nor will it open the doors for you. You have to do both of those for yourself."
Turning to face Yuuichi again, Mune says, "But you don't have to do it alone. I'll go with you, if you want. My name is Mune. I work with the Evolution Agenda, and I can help get you started if you want." She lowers her arms from where they were boosting her prominent bust and holds out a hand.

"It's not because I have ideas that I've come here," Yuuichi admits to the woman as he lowers the hand with the card and focuses on her. "It's because I believe in the ideologies she mentioned and because I want to find a way for myself to help. Not to say I'm not smart, but coming up with ideas of what to do is not my specialty." He shrugs his shoulders and looks back to the building in question, focusing on the doors. He was sure this was where he wanted to be and where he needed to go, but she was offering to help?
She gave her name and he smiled. "It's nice to meet you, Mune. My name is Yuuichi," he says before he notices she's holding out her hand. He looks at it for a moment and then reaches to take it. Not that he couldn't go alone or anything, but it would be rude to refuse and he did not wish to be rude to someone who was being nice to him. "Sure. Would be best to have someone who knows what they're doing help me, I think."

Mune nods, and even though the high collar of her coat hides her mouth, Yuuichi might get the impression she's smiling anyway. She then realizes that Yuuichi is still hanging onto her hand, and shakes his hand to cover for him. "Great, so let's get going. And you don't have to be a genius to have ideas. You don't even need to know what the ideas are exactly," she says as she starts leading Yuuichi up the stairs. If he's still hanging onto her hand, she doesn't complain or try to get free. Either way, she just leads the way. When they get to the revolving doors, she says, "The idea of living one's life in a certain way, or the idea of helping people in a certain manner, or whatever you think is 'good'… That is an idea in itself. But if you just need direction, you can get that here too.--Alright, these doors are tricky for the inexperienced. Basically, you just time your entrance with the spinning of the doors. Go into one of the open spaces, push the door forward, and keep walking. Step out the other side. Simple, right?"
"Watch, I'll demonstrate." She then steps forward, preparing to let go of Yuuichi if they're still in contact as she does so. Unfortunately, some one in a hurry steps in behind Yuuichi, trying to force him through early. Unless he uses super-speed ninja senses, this enormous person that is in such a hurry to get to the free food may shove the masked man into the same enclosed space as Mune… And then wedges it shut accidentally. Of course, if Yuuichi avoids such a fate, then Mune pops out the other side and it's just the big guy that gets stuck, leaving four or five other doors as a way to get in.

Yuuichi flushed pink again when he realized he was still holding her hand. After she shakes it, he draws his hand away, thoroughly embarassed about the situation. He lets his hand fall to his side and rest there as she speaks of what he might find inside and starts walking forward. He doesn't stand still, but rather follows after her towards the building because he doesn't want to be left behind. Well, that and she was trying to help him so it wouldn't be good to take forever in following after her. "Direction is a good start," he notes as they near the doors.
While Mune explains how the doors work, he looks at them curiously. He's not seen anything like them before, but he doesn't seem intimidated by their continuous rotation. However, as she moves to demonstrate how they work, he makes a lapse in paying attention and is summarily run into by an overly large individual who practically shoves him into Mune's backside, cramping them in the tight space of the door, which also finds itself stuck, providing further awkwardness to the situation. "Well… this is certainly one of the most awkward situations I've ever been in…"

Mune finds her chest pressed against the cold glass in front of her and lets out a grunt of surprise as she is suddenly being pressed up against from behind. "What the hell are you doing!?" she demands as she tries to turn around in the enclosed space. She manages it, barely. At least now her breasts aren't on display to the people on the inside of the building. Instead they're squished against someone she barely knows. She tries to see what's causing the doors to be wedged shut, and sees the enormous individual. An Akimichi, apparently, based on his garments. She sighs unhappily, and then looks up at Yuuichi. "…I've been in worse, sadly." she offers in regard to awkward situations.
She tries to lift her arms enough to get into her coat, where she keeps her vials of various chemicals and such, but the tight space prevents it. "Don't suppose you can get into my coat? I have some lubricant in there." She lets that hang in the air without explanation for several seconds, until she thinks to add, "It might be able to get that jerk over there loose and get us free."

"Sorry," Yuuichi says to Mune when she turns to face him, her chest getting pressed against him instead. The situation just keeps getting more and more awkward by the second. Having never been this close to a woman before, all he can do is flush red with embarassment, which only gets worse when she mentions lubricant inside of her coat. Were it not for the fact that they were pressed so tightly together it was nearly impossible to move he might have passed out or some such at the mere thought of someone saying such things to him. But, they were in a pickle, so he had to focus.
"Well, I'll try to get it. I apologize if my hands end up where they don't belong," he says, offering a grimace before he finagles his hand around to where he can reach inside of her coat. He feels about, extra carefully, to find the lubricant she's mentioned. "Hard to imagine anything more awkward than this, to be honest." He feels around inside of her coat, feeling for the lubricant. "What's it feel like, exactly? I feel a lot of things in here…" The weight of what he says dawns on him and he sighs and closes his eyes. "This is what I get for growing up in such a sheltered environment…"

Mune says, "There are glass vials and various pouches and so forth inside. Rolls of bandages… The lubricant should be on the left-hand side--MY left, that is--and should be the fourth one in from the edge of the coat, and the second row down. I'll know if you get the right one. I can tell which one is which by memory alone, and THAT IS MOST DEFINITELY NOT IT. Let go of THAT right now, please! That is very sensitive and not a lubricant!--Ahem. Just forget about it. I'll take care of this situation."
She begins to focus her Chakra into her right hand, creating an invisible and very sharp field of it around the appendage. She keeps it well away from touching Yuuichi. Then she just runs her hand along the edges of the door panel that is closest to her. Suddenly, one of the four revolving door panels falls out, into the EA building's interior. The yelling Akimichi, who is busy hollering for someone to help him, is suddenly dumped on his rear as he falls out of the doors. The revolving door behind Yuuichi shoves him in the back, and knocks him forward, as Mune falls backwards and lands on the floor inside the building on HER rear as well. Though hers is a lot more shapely than that Akimichi's, it's also not quite as well suited to taking falls.
Will Yuuichi step out of the revolving doors before he can be sent tripping? Or be sent stumbling forward from the sudden change in balance and result in even MORE awkardness!?

Bright red would be a severe understatement of the condition of Yuuichi's face when he touches something he shouldn't be touching. He's practically shaking as he withdraws his hand from within her jacket when she says she'll take care of the situation. He has no idea what she has in mind, but anything could be better than the awkward situation they were stuck in. He was really starting to get uncomfortable. Truth be told, uncomfortable wasn't the right word because he actually kind of liked being close to her, though it was embarassing for him.
Suddenly she did something and the glass shattered, sending the Akimichi onto his rump and following swiftly with Mune landing on her backside while the door gave him a good swat, too. He was not a particularly graceful person, but even if he had been, he wasn't expecting the door to move as swiftly as it did, so when it knocked him forward, he fell and landed on top of Mune, though thankfully with his arms on either side of her, despite being pressed quite thoroughly against her and in such a way that he's practically petrified, and it's not just an embarassment petrification.

Mune is busy rubbing her tailbone with one hand and starting to get up when suddenly she finds Yuuichi landing on her and knocking her onto her back on the floor. Whacking her head on the (thankfully carpetted, rather than hardwood) floor disorients her a bit, but when she comes back to her senses, she finds there's still a strange man directly over her and her coat is lying off to the sides, well away from her chest. Revealing… Huh. She is wearing something under that coat after all. A very thin, very immodest, partial bodysuit that is almost the same tone as her skin, but not quite. But the straps that cover her are very narrow. Still, it's more like a sling bikini than any sort of decent clothing.
Either way, she seems displeased with the situation. "We are out of that small space. You can feel free to not remain this close to me any further. Or better yet, help me up?"

Yuuichi seems to snap out of whatever thoughts he was having almost as soon as Mune speaks. He quickly moves to his feet and offers her his hand so that she can stand up again. He doesn't really look in her direction, so much as he stares at the ground. He saw enough when he got up off of her and either way, he was just far too embarassed already to keep looking.
"I'm sorry, Mune. I didn't mean to land on you like that but the door moved so suddenly I couldn't help it," he says, looking back up at her when he finds he can't avoid it any longer. "I am quite embarassed… Never been that close to a woman before…" He looks back to the ground at his feet, smiling, though his visible skin is still slightly pink in color.

Mune accepts the hand up and nods. "It's fine. There's no accounting for gravity, after all." She sighs and shrugs. "Either way, there's a directory over there on the wall, and the receptionists over there by the front desk--" she indicates an enormous half-circle counter that is apparently a single 'desk', with dozens of men and women working behind it. "--can help you out with getting someone to talk to you. What you talk about is up to you. It could be discussing a place to stay, offering your services, asking for assistance, or just finding out more about what exactly this company is about, and what it can do and is trying to do. Anything at all. I'll be back to check on you in awhile, wherever you wind up. I just have to notify one of my superiors about something." She shakes Yuuichi's hand again and says, "It was nice meeting you. Sorry about all the awkardness for our first meeting, but I wouldn't mind forming a closer relationship with you. You seem nice enough." She then offers another unseen smile, before turning to head away.

Following her motions, Yuuichi looks towards the desk and takes it in, with the myriad of people working behind it. He nods his head once and then looks back to her as she shakes his hand. "Alright," he says, somewhat relieved that she doesn't appear to hate him considering the fact that he'd been forced up against her twice already in very awkward fashion. "I'll see what I can do here." His hand falls back to his side. "And I look forward to seeing you again, Mune-san. As awkward as it was, I'm sure I could get used to it." He smiles and then seems to catch himself. "In a friendly sense, of course. Would be nice to have friends again." He tips his head to her and watches as she goes before he heads for the counter.

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