Yuzuna's return


Hyuuga Yuzuna, Hyuuga Akomura, Hyuuga Ryuk

Date: Feburary 12th, 2010


Yuzuna is in the hospital after being held prisoner, receives an earful from the Hyuuga Head Elder and Ryuk listens outside the window.

"Yuzuna's return"

Medical Facility - Recovery Bay 1

Through the window of one of the private rooms, the sun had set long ago, the darkness of they sky speckled with the brief traces of stars that are visible through the window, moonlight faint on the wooden floor at the foot of the bed. The white, clean sheets shift just slightly with the movement of even breathing from the occupant in the bed, slender arms crossed over her stomach as Yuzuna sleeps quietly, pale eyes closed and cheek resting against the cool pillow with her long, ebony hair draped over the cushion. From the skin visible, bandages peek through, wrapped at various places with the full extent of many wounds earned recently.

A silhouette stands on the other side of the doorway and the door slides open as light pours in from the brightly lit hallway. Light footsteps carry the figure over to the small lamp on the desk by the small bookshelf. *Click* The light comes on, and soon after more footsteps carry over to the door, which slides closed.
The steps finally carry the figure over to the chair at the desk, and the light scrape of the smooth metal feet of the chair across the ground rings through the room as a faint whisper of scratching. Not intrusive, but enough to let someone know the chair is moving. Akomura sits down in the chair which he just turned around. His cane taps the desk edge as he leans it against the wooden desk for people to read or write if they need to while housed in the hospital. He remains quiet, maybe waiting for her to wake up. Why would he be here in the first place this late at night? Worry at best, a dark reprimand in the middle of the night at his first convenience at worst.

The breeze shimmers a few dark locks across her pillow as Yuzuna remains still, her chest beneath the blankets rising and falling slowly with gentle breathing as the girl sleeps. The quiet moments pass with the stillness of night before the sleeping form in the bed shifts slightly, dark head turning slightly as pale lavender eyes open to glance up slowly at the ceiling, "Mm…" Yuzuna murmurs with a slight hoarse in her throat, she turns her head slightly, frowning softly as she allows her pale eyes to slowly come into focus and adjust to the night shadows. A quiet moment passes before she blinks with surprise, though her gaze soon becomes one of self-disappointment as she turns her head from him, "Hyuuga-sama…" she murmurs with quiet respect, her expression twisting with a brief twinge of pain with a shallow gasp. She briefly grits her teeth before she slowly exhales and relaxes her fingers.

A quiet moment before he stands again. He stands quickly. That could mean he was mean, or just stress has him anxious. He moved over to the bedside, still where she was looking away from him. A calm hand places on her head.. and strokes her hair. "Yuzuna," he says in a low tone. Quiet. Comforting.
He begins to stroke her hair for a moment, the last of about five times his fingers fall to the pillow, and drag across to get the chair. This time he picks it up, and places it down next to the bed, and sits. He doesn't say anything, though his presence isn't… threatening. Or at least to most people it might not seem that way.

Yuzuna listens to the shifting of the weight, hearing him stand rather quickly to move closer. When his starts to pet the side of her ebony her, her self-disappointed expression softens some, the feeling only weighing deeper in her chest as he murmurs her name comfortingly. "Hyuuga-sama…" she murmurs his name, looking more like a little girl for the moment than she has for a while. "I… humbly ask for forgiveness that I do not deserve… I have deeply disgraced the clan, failed my mission and was captured by the enemy… I need to train harder, become stronger…" Pressing her lips together, her expression becomes more firm in her thoughts as she turns to look to the Hyuuga Head Elder. "Please. I wish to atone for my reckless actions."

Akomura actually smiles when she starts about how she failed and all that jazz. When she starts to talk of atonement, he shushes her. "Shhh. I have a question for you." He pauses a moment, letting that sink in for a moment, along with a moment for his tone of voice to announce to her that he was not angry.
"…Did you fear for your life?" That is the only thing he asks before falling eerily silent once again.

Ryuk was on his way to the hospital, for it seemed Yuzuna had gotten herself into some trouble. He was not positive about the extent of her injuries, but he would go to the hospital not to check up on her but to act as a branch member guardian. Flying through the rooftops he lands across the street from the hospital. He moves to the ledge outside the window, going over the frame of the window on the wall, and flickering into place to avoid being seen. Watching the clouds and breeze go by he passively takes a listen, and it seemed the clan head was paying a visit.

Yuzuna falls immediately silent as he shushes her, listening to him to gently frown at the silence. With his question uttered out loud, her pale lavender eyes blink slowly before looking up at the ceiling once more, silent and thoughtful. "No." she murmurs, "I feared for the lives of my team. At one point, I feared blindness." The young Hyuuga falls quiet for a moment or so, as if listening to the night. "But there is always fear of some sort, regardless how well it is hidden or suppressed."

Akomura turns his head a touch at something in the hallway passing by the door, probably a nurse checking on patients. He turns again looking past Yuzuna out the window, but leans down so she may hear him. His head is not directly in her line of sight as she looks at the ceiling, thus adding to the effect of what he says.
"Good. Now, I want three things to happen. One: You thank your lucky stars, who happen to be the -capable- shinobi who saved your hindquarters from the fire. Second: You go and beg forgiveness of those you feared for if you haven't already. -Third-: You keep in the back of your mind the absolute fear that it -will- happen again unless you get your ass in gear. Do not fear the disgrace of your family or the clan, for you have returned to us with your eyes in tact and your mind and body still stable. -Do-, however, fear that that is the -only- reason that no disgrace has come around from this near catastrophe."
He stands up straight, and breathes in deep. "Just as Death is not always a disgrace in the life of a shinobi, failure is the gravest enemy to have the upper hand against you. Regain your footing above failure, as I have high hopes for all my clansmen and women to succeed past all others." His tone has turned from the initial butt-chewing to a more kind tone. Though as he turns and starts towards the door, that neutral, nearly uncaring trainer has come about again, leaving the kind grandfather beside the bed where he just left from, "Get rest while you are here, for be it myself or yourself administering it, I see lots of training time in your near future. Sleep well. You'll need it when you leave the hospital." And with that, he slides the door open after grabbing his cane from the desk, and once the door is open, he casts a look over to Ryuk. "Ah, right on time. You are to escort her as I made clear earlier. Have you any questions, Ryuk-san?"

Ryuk pokes his head in the window when Akomura addresses him. It was not clear whether he heard the speech or not because his straight expression was a vague as always. He bows his head to Akomura and in a soft tone, says "Yes." Taking a look towards Yuzuna, he could recognize her but it had been years since they had any sort of interaction, but it was good to see that she wasn't still in critical condition. Though he was here to fulfill his duties and not for conversation, so he leans back into his spot on the window ledge to watch the clouds. He could be training right now, what else did he do besides train, not much besides eat and sleep, it seemed this was a good way for him to pass the time until Yuzuna was feeling well enough to get to some training herself.

Yuzuna turns her head slightly to let her pale gaze look to him, watching and listening quietly to his words, though she does blink once in surprise as he so easily says the word 'ass', having never heard such words from any Hyuuga, much less the Head Elder. She keeps the corner of her lips from tugging into a hint of a smile, suppressing it. In his own way, he had shown his worry for her. A subtle touch that the Hyuuga were known for. Yuzuna lowers her chin in a light nod of understanding, "Yes, Hyuuga-sama. I will do as you say." she answers easily. She watches him as he stands, listening to his wisdom and nodding softly again at the mentioning of resting. The more she rested, the quicker she'll heal and the sooner she'll get to training again. "I will make the clan proud of me… Father… I will make you proud too…" Yuzuna whispers quietly to herself.

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