Zombie Apocalypse Team - Noab



Date: October 17, 2014


Is it wrong that I was able to fill this out completely with my own characters, even if a couple of them are NPCs? >.>

"Zombie Apocalypse Team - Noab"

No particular location

Team Leader: Akimichi Noab
The building shakes with the heavy thudding approach of THE TANK. X.X This is not going to be fun. Noab analyzes the approaching mob and barks out orders. "Etsu-san, take out the Boomer! Ryoji-san, the Smoker! Eremi-san, go for the Hunter!" Noab swings his axe backwards like a golf club, knocking a chakra-infused chunk of concrete railing toward the Hunter. It slams into the Zombie, injuring its shoulder. "Now Eremi-san!!!"

Brawler: Ritoru Bea
"I will do my best to be good recruiter, then," she mumbles through her food. "Is anything we are particularly looking for? If is up to me, I would just start friendly fight in some bar and see who is last standing." :P

Weapons Expert: Saito Jon
Jon takes a large step sideways to avoid the scythe of liquid flung at him. That was probably intended to put him off-balance for a follow — whoops, suddenly appearing kunai! Jon flicks his rod sideways, deflecting the projectile with a *PING*. Then comes Mune's taijutsu assault, which Jon meets in kind. The rod slips under Mune's arm and lifts it so that the punch goes over Jon's shoulder, then slides along her forearm to the wrist, taking the force out of the backhand. Then, seeing the kick on the way, Jon shifts one hand to the other end of the rod and holds it vertically before him, taking the blow at the middle of the weapon. Jon skips backward a few paces to absorb the force, but is otherwise unharmed.

Brains: Kokoroe Sousa
"Hmmm, fascinating. It would be tempting to willingly undergo euthanasia merely to observe the effects, if we could be reasonably certain it can be reversed."

Medic: Ongakuno Aburei
"Feelings aren't everything. I hope you eventually do find that feeling you're looking for, though…and I hope there's something I can do to heal you."

Speed Fighter: Maneshi Shemri
Shemri is suddenly gone again. A second later, something blurs past Takeshi. Something grey and red and olive and black, and apparently sharp. Once again it whizzes past, drawing another cut. For the briefest of moments, an image of Shemri can be seen on a rock formation a short distance away, gripping it as though catching herself from flying past it into the distance. Then she's blurred into nothing and another cut comes. Here, there, all around the cavern, Shemri zips past Takeshi and alters trajectory, catching onto and instantly swinging around stalactites, columns, and catwalks, using arms, legs, sashes, and tail.

Mascot: Hachimitsu
"Wait, did you say 'fight'? Y'mean you actually think there's a good chance we'll get in one? And you want me to lay the smack down?!" 8D The badger coughs and replaces his enthusiastic expression with a mask of studious aloofness. "Not that I give a care." e.e

Guy who dies first: Shirayuki Koseitama
"Okay, let's do this!" Koseitama dashes out into the open cavern with a whooping shout of "LIIIROOOOOOOOIIII JYENKIIIIIIIIINSU!"

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