Aerial Slash
Aerial Slash
Romaji Unknown
English Aerial Slash
Classification Taijutsu
Element None
Rank C
Damage Type Sharp
Use Attack
Style Kenjutsu
Skill Modifiers Powerful
Skill Creator
Known Users
Inuzuka Atsuro

Skill Description

This is an otherwise ordinary sword slash, assisted by the power of a jump. The user either jumps into the air, then brings their sword down on an opponent as they land, or they slash upwards as they jump. Either way, the strike is strengthened by the force of gravity or strength used to jump-the two forces are the same, since the acceleration upwards when leaving the ground will be the same as the acceleration downwards when landing. The added strength gives a more powerful blow. However, the attack is somewhat more difficult to aim because of the simultaneous action of jumping.

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