Alcohol Manipulation
Alcohol Manipulation
Romaji Unknown
English Alcohol Release
Classification General Ninjutsu
Element N/A
Rank C
Dmg Type N/A
Use Style
Known Users
Kyuushuu Bisetsu
Known Skills
Skills in this Style.

Alcohol Manipulation

Alcohol Manipulation allows for various General Ninjutsu related to the manipulation and movement of alcohol through Chakra, along with combining other conventional 'General' Ninjutsu with alcoholic substances. Alcohol is NOT an 'element'. It can NOT be created from Chakra. It has to already be physically present to be used in this Style and for higher-ranking Ninjutsu it generally must be present in SUBSTANTIAL quantities. All jutsu in this Style need to fit the appropriate theme of drinking, partying, taverns, bars, celebrations, or the negative side-effects of intoxication, over-drinking, hangovers, etc. Skills that diverge from this theme should be denied.

Style: No required Style. Created by Bisetsu and thus requires IC instruction or OOC permission to apply for this Style.
Skill Requirements: None per se.

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