All-Eye I
All-Eye I
Romaji Tomogan
English All-Eye
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank C-Rank
Class Supplemental
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Rurohashi Ruri

All-Eye I

The Tomogan (All-Eye) is an artificial eye stimulated into growth in Ruri's right eye socket. Her right eye, previously destroyed, has since grown a regenerative mass of tissue due to a Summoned Beast with self-healing properties attempting to invade Ruri's body. The result is that, with the aid of Flesh Scroll Ninjutsu, Ruri can now produce a special eye that in turn can replicate, producing additional tissue and eyes from an Alternate Spatial Environment in her right eye socket. Each eye can generate a different effects depending on what kind of Flesh Scroll Tattoo has been placed in the pupil. Even just one Tomogan enhances Ruri's perception, but at C-Rank she can create as many as three smaller eyes in the socket. Flesh Scroll tattoos stored on a Tomogan do not vanish when used. They are effectively permanent. Further, they can be cast simply by looking at the target, rather than requiring a finger touching them, due to the Tomogan being tied into the Chakra Network directly.

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