Angels Discord
Angels Discord
Romaji N/A
English Angels Discord
Rank B
Use Transformation
Style Temptress Guidance
Skill Creator
Kiyotani Eri
Known Users
Kiyotani Eri

Skill Description

After becoming quite experienced with the angelic aura the user begins using this technique to actually alter their own mental state. This not only leads to the same improvements with the bonds formed for emotional genjutsu and the heightened effects, but it also leads to a clearer understanding for things outside of the realm of genjutsu. The personality of the user does change from the tampering with their own mind, however. They become erratically happy and blissful even in situations that may not call for it, although the changes have not been to an extent where they cannot remember or control their own actions. The aura itself begins taking more of a shape around the user, almost beginning to resemble a ghostly translucent set of feathery wings that wrap around the user.

Style Recommendation: Temptress Guidance
Skill Prerequisite: Angelic Aura II

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