Annelid Spies
Annelid Spies
Annelid Spies
Romaji Unknown
English Annelid Spies
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type Stealth
Use Attack
Style Leech Manipulation
Skill Modifiers None
Known Users

Annelid Spies

Annelid Spies uses special leeches that can store information acquired via experiences/observations, or absorption of Chakra from others, within that same Chakra. They are essentially Chakra-absorbing parasites that can be used to carry messages, spy on others and then "report" to those extremely few individuals who know how to read the Chakra, and so forth. The leeches are not very noticeable to most people who are not specifically looking for them, and even with their larger-than-average Chakra supply for animals of their sort, the majority of Sensor-Nin would still not likely think much odd about them unless they had recently gorged on someone or something.

This attack rolls Int + Nin to hit.

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