Aqua Fist
Aqua Fist
Romaji Unknown
English Water Fist
Classification Elemental Taijutsu
Element Water
Rank C
Damage Type Sharp, Water
Use Attack
Style Four Legged Water Style Chakra Shaping
Skill Modifiers <List all skill modifiers that apply>
Skill Creator
Inuzuka Taiki
Known Users
Inuzuka Taiki

Skill Description

Aqua Fist is the first stage of the Inuzuka water four legged style. Like most moves in this style, it combines chakra shaping with water manipulation to render movements both more powerful than normal and more penetrating. Essentially, the user of this maneuver forms small "whirlpools" of water around their fists, feet, and, in a ninken's case, claws. The user then attacks with a punch, kick, or something similar, causing the water to shoot forward about six inches on impact, forming a sort of "double impact." The whirlpools are shells of chakra funneling water in a very fast rate of speed around the fists, which both condenses the water and provides a stronger "piercing" power. But this shell is meant to allow the water to stream forward on impact, acting much like a very high-pressure spout, cutting through most materials, even living bodies, with ease. The funnels then collect the water expended in the spouts, so no water is wasted. Finally,a thin layer of chakra covers the user's body, protecting it from the forces of extreme pressure built up around them. However, due to the construct of the water funnels, the user must move with the "flow" of the battle. This requires great agility and grace, which in turn allows the user to pre-empt moves by their opponent, so long as it moves with the water "flow".

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