Aqua Gatsuga
Aqua Gatsuga
Romaji Suton: Gatsuga
English Water Fang over Fang
Classification Elemental Taijutsu
Element Water
Rank B
Damage Type Sharp Water
Use Attack
Style Four Legged Water Style
Skill Modifiers Area of Affect
Skill Creator
Inuzuka Taiki
Known Users
Inuzuka Taiki

Skill Description

Much like any other elemental four-legged style, this version of the Gatsuga incorporates the principles learned from the basic four legged style in this case Gatsuga and elemental manipulation, in this case water manipulation, to build upon the style's lower-ranked predecessor aqua tsuga. By advancing the teamwork used in techniques to combine both the shinobi's and the ninken's aqua tsugas, a truly massive singular waterspout forms, striking its target much like a tornado over water. Unlike the natural occurrence, however, this "waterspout" is not vertical in nature but forms in the same direction as the team using the technique does. The spout itself is made up of a high-pressure whirlpool point similar to that formed with the aqua tsuga, but much more concentrated and sharper. The whips formed as a side effect of the whirl-pool are doubled in number and spin at such high speeds as to appear to the untrained eye to be simply a whirling mass of water. But the whips are in fact separate high-pressure tendrils that would cut through stone, metal, and even chakra-enhanced armor much less flesh and bone.

While this attack is somewhat faster than a standard gatsuga, it's primary strength lies not in speed but agility. Like any other water taijutsu attack, this attack possesses a certain kind of flow that enables exact turns and pin-point accuracy almost bordering on insane levels. As such not only is the power increased, but so is the accuracy and pressure behind the power. As such, defending against this skill is difficult enough, but anyone foolish enough to stand their ground behind a barrier will find that barrier's weaknesses ruthlessly exploited in addition to the sheer penetrative power that high-pressure water normally possesses. As such, any barrier failing to absorb the full impact of this water-cyclone will offer little or no resistance to the intense pressure and fierceness of the attack. Even when groups of people are hit by this technique the water whips will similarly find the chinks in any barrier or armor, likewise limiting such defensive benefits. Indeed the easiest way to not be hit by this attack is to not be in the area it strikes which is difficult enough on its own.

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