Assassin's Dance
Assassin's Dance
Romaji Unknown
English Assassin's Dance
Classification Taijutsu
Element None
Rank X
Damage Type N/A
Use Style
Style N/A
Skill Modifiers N/A
Skill Creator
Known Users
Uchuu Mana and Uchuu Kana

Skill Description

Assassin's Dance is a name given to a style of combat kunoichi practicioners that mimic dancing styles to serve the purpose of combat that relies on precision and grace rather than speed or force. It relies on physical strikes and defenses using dancing motions to make their movements more effective and harder to follow, along with incorporating the use of short blades that tend to be hidden in sleeves or other parts of clothing, depending on the kunoichi's style, to create a true assassin's style of dance.

See Also:
Rhythmic Dodge

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