Attack Prediction
Attack Prediction
Romaji Unknown
English Attack Prediction
Classification Taijutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Type N/A
Rank A
Class Defense
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Uchiha Clan

Attack Prediction

Attack Prediction is an ability gained at the third level of Sharingan which permits the Sharingan user to not just read the movements of an opponent, but extrapolate future movements as well, effectively 'seeing the future'. By observing both physical action and Chakra activity in an adversary, and combining this heightened level of Sharingan Perception with swift reflexes and reaction time, an Uchiha may evade almost any form of attack levelled against him or her. Attempts at Stealth or forming Genjutsu Links can likewise potentially be seen through. Seeing through Genjutsu is fully possible at this level, as well, where it would not be at the lower levels of Sharingan. Even if an attack is not fully avoided due to an opponent's speed outpacing the Uchiha's own, Attack Prediction allows SOME form of defense to be prepared, even if it is as simple as rolling with the hit to reduce damage taken slightly.

Hit Roll Dice: Int + Tai
Style: Sharingan Taijutsu
Skill Requirements: Sharingan Perception, 2 other B-Rank Taijutsu, and the Sharingan III transformation. This Defense can ONLY be used while Sharingan III is active.
Skill Modifiers: Damage Resistance x1, Inexpensive Defense, Versatile Defense.

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