Aura Suppression
Aura Suppression
Aura Suppression
Romaji Unknown
English Aura Suppression
Classification Taijutsu
Type Chakra
Rank A-Rank
Class Stealth/Defense
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Kimura Atara

Aura Suppression

Description: Chakra-less stealth completely hides the presence of chakra in the user. Only someone who has gone though long endless nights of meditation and chakra control can achieve mastery of this stealth technique. The user is able to almost completely limit their chakra output to the point where only true masters of the Byakugan would be able to detect their chakra, but even those masters are few and far between. Using this technique renders their chakra-system basically inoperable during it's use, however as a side-effect it is also a powerful defense against Genjutsu, as it completely restricts any movement of energy though the users system. Genjutsu is still able to be used, but only powerful genjutsu users would be able to force their way though the self-induced chakra-blocks. While it's emphasis is on eliminating chakra emissions, this technique is combined with years of stealth-based training to make the user into a veritable ghost in most visible spectrums.

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