Ball O Yarn
Ball O Yarn
Ball O Yarn
Romaji Unknown
English Ball O Yarn
Classification Genjutsu
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type Psi
Use Attack
Style Cat Aclysm Genjutsu
Skill Modifiers Drain
Known Users

Ball O Yarn

This little genjutsu tricks the target into thinking that they have just obtained the bestest, biggest and brightest ball of yarn ever! And that they now must zealously play with it. This distracts them for a short while before they realize that the yarn ball isn't really there and that they didn't really want to play with it either… Leaving them open to be laughed at or attacked.

An alternate scenario that plays into this trick is that the target is suddenly bound inside a large ball of yarn and is unable to move! Which method is left up to the user to decide, depending on their mood.

This attack rolls Gen + Int to hit.

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