Banshee Strike II
Banshee Strike II
Romaji Unknown
English Banshee Strike (II)
Classification Taijutsu
Rank C
Element None
Usage Attack
Style Chakra Shaping, Youkai Style
Skill Mods Counter, Poison
Hit Roll Dice Tai + Spd
Damage Roll Dice Pow + Seal
Skill Creator
Iga Ryoji
Known Users
Iga Ryoji

Banshee Strike II

An improvement over the basic Banshee strike attack that delivers enough force to cause internal bleeding among other hampering health problems depending on where it hits. Because of the nature of this attack, it is often used to slip within another's guard mid attack. In this case however, the amount of power rapidly generated to ensure the attacks success within mere moments is enough to forcefully blow the user away due to the recoil.

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