Barrier Scroll Technique
Romaji Unknown
English Barrier Scroll Technique
Classification Ninjutsu
Element N/A
Rank C
Dmg Type SEAL
Use Defense
Known Users

Jutsu Description

This is a basic Kekkaijutsu — Barrier Technique – that uses a previously prepared scroll as a focus for the creation of a durable wall of Chakra that can stop or blunt incoming attacks. Generally, the Barrier Scroll Technique requires that the user remain stationary. Thus, for any round in which this Defense is used, the defender must ICly remain in place. Dodging of any kind is disallowed due to the preparation time needed to set up and activate the scroll. However, the scroll is reusable and will continue to function as a defense until the user's Chakra runs out or the scroll is destroyed. It should be noted that, unlike normal Chakra, the Chakra wall produced by the Barrier Scroll Technique IS visible to unaided human vision.

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