Beast human clone
Beast Human Clone
Romaji Giju Ninpo: Jujin Bunshin
English Beast Human Clone
Classification Transform
Type N/A
Rank C
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Inuzuka Clan
Inuzuka Taiki
Inuzuka Atsuro

Beast Human Clone

The Inuzuka and his ninken come into physical contact, most often by the ninken either jumping on top of the Inuzuka or some other point of firm contact. The Inuzuka, after forming some basic handseals, channels chakra into both his ninken and himself. This causes both dog and man to transform into exact copies of an even more feral version of human than the four legged stance provides. Nails on both become claws, and the teeth are elongated enough to cause actual damage. Teamwork between the two becomes nearly seamless as significant skill is shared between dog and human. The strength and agility of both are also increased as a result of increased chakra being channeled through both bodies. At this point, they are a seamless team.

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