Bijuu Mastery
Bijuu Mastery
Romaji Bijuu Mastery
English Tailed Beast Mastery
Classification Bijuu Power
Rank S
Use Transformation Skill
Style Bijuu Style
Known Users
Senju Daisuke (Four-Tails), Nikumari Mushi (Seven-Tails)

Skill Description

This skill represents that a Jinchuuriki has completely mastered all levels of his or her bijuu, able to use all ranks of his or her transformation without additional penalty. ICly this requires that an 'agreement' or 'partnership' is formed between the Jinchuuriki and the Bijuu. In exchange for the Jinchuuriki's own Chakra, the Bijuu provides access to its powers. The more Chakra exchanged, the more powers become available and the greater the potency thereof. However, the more of the Jinchuuriki's own Chakra that is granted to the Bijuu, the more influence the Tailed Beast gains over its host. It is thus still dangerous to unleash the Bijuu's full power. Instead, a 'miniature' version of the Bijuu can be transformed into to make use of its abilities without risking the Seal being broken. This S-Rank transformation can be purchased at any time once Bijuu Mastery has been acquired.

English Name: Tailed Beast Mastery
Skill Requirements: All Jinchuuriki TFs purchased from D-Rank to A-Rank, and then 1 PP paid to acquire this skill. The S rank Transformation costs normally for an S-Rank. Unleashing the full power of the Bijuu is possible without hospitalization or even any physical harm, but IC risks still exist.

NOTE: To acquire Bijuu Mastery and have the skill count as working ICly one MUST run a plot to obtain mastery of one's Bijuu. This plot MUST be logged and submitted! If there is no plot, then there is no mastery.

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