Binds of the Nest
Binds of the Nest
Binds of the Nest
Romaji Unknown
English Binds of the Nest
Classification Taijutsu
Type Spider Traits
Rank D-Rank
Class Offense
Hand Seals N/A
Known Users
Meruin - Naoya

Author: Okumo Clan
Does Damage: No
Stamina Cost: 200
Attack Stun: 1
Chakra Cost: 100
Damage Type: BLUNT

Description: The practitioner of this art forces webbing through the pores of their skin, most often through the hands and arms, though it may be shot out of the mouth as well. Essentially, the victim is wrapped in the strong and flexive wrappings, holding them immobile. Of course, due to the boundless nature of combat itself, it is used to hold individal limbs just as often as it is used to fully wrap their prey. Because of the material the bonds are made of, a sufficient amount of webbing will allow the Okumo to secure their victim to various surfaces.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai Spd

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