Bishougan I
Bishougan I
Romaji Bishougan
English Beauty Eye
Classification Genjutsu; Hidenjutsu
Element None/Yin
Rank D
Stat Bonus +2 Gen
Use Transformation
Known Users
Yamanaka Mimi, Yamanaka Junko

Jutsu Description

The "Beauty Eye", or "Bishougan", is the special technique formerly used by Yamanaka Mimi. It is believed to have been a Hidenjutsu of some kind and essentially combines the Chakra control of Ninjutsu with the manipulatory powers of Genjutsu to manifest localized visual effects about the Bishougan's user in the form of glowing light, sparkles, pink clouds, and so forth. These effects are limited to short range, but by externalizing the Yin aspect of Chakra as Genjutsu Chakra it allows the Bishougan's wielder to attempt to more easily influence nearby opponents with Genjutsu.

Style: Body Control Style Ninjutsu, a Genjutsu Style of any kind, and instruction from Yamanaka Mimi or another who has mastered this transformation.
Stat Mods: +2 Gen.

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