Black Out Dream
Black Out Dream
Romaji Burakkuautodorīmu
English Black Out Dream
Classification Genjutsu
Element None
Rank B
Damage Type PSI
Use Attack
Style Dream Style
Skill Modifiers Area of Effect + Round Stun + Stamina Drain
Hand Seals Monkey, Ram. Boar Monkey, Bird, Ram.
Skill Creator
Uchiha Kyuketsuki
Known Users
Uchiha Kyuketsuki

Skill Description

This Genjutsu consists of two stages both with their own set of hand seals, ending in the Ram seal, that happen very rapidly, one after the other. First, The victim/victims will feel a tingly numbing sensation shoot out through their body. This sensation makes their body feel less responsive and sluggish, as well as starts making them feel very sleepy. This technique is normally and most easily defended against in the first stage. The victim/victims, upon the Ram seal being formed in the second cluster, will feel the tingly sensation seem to shoot straight into their head, and the illusion begins as they believe they have lost consciousness, their vision goes black, all their senses go offline. They also lose their ability to sense the passage of time, at least properly. This results in the victim/victims being left wide open for attacks, unable to see, feel, smell, taste, or hear the attacks happen. To the victim/victims they simply blinked and then suddenly 'awakened' with the sensations and possibly even illusions caused by attacks that they were hit with while stuck in the illusion.

Hit Roll Dice: Gen + Int
Style Recommendation: Dream Style

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