Romaji Unknown
English Blink
Classification Taijutsu
Type None
Rank B-Rank
Class Defensive
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Kaguya Odori Takeshi


Blink is a sklll made to model the quicker instincts of the animals found in nature, of the quick retreat of the feather as your hand tries to scoop it up, of the quick redirection of a bird that doesn't wish to hit something. It is a skill that represents speed, but not just any speed, speed that surpasses what the typical body should be able to create and handle. A quick burst, a quick movement and a quick dodge. All of these are the weapons of the most desterous parts of nature, the ability to quickly move away despite the conditions.

Just remember, a blink is all it takes to miss the movement and a blink is all it takes for a master of this skill to move.

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