Blur Master
Blur Master
Classification Kekkei Genkai
Rank A
Damage Type None
Use Transformation
Style Reizei Clan Only
Skill Modifiers +4 tai, +1 sta, +1 Pow, +4 spd
Known Users
Reizei Clan

Skill Description

Stamina Cost: 750
Chakra Cost: 750
This transformation modifies the user's chakra by -300 per turn.

his level of the Reizei Blur transformation is almost unreal. This is the point where the transformation not only lends to speed and taijutsu ability, but as well starts bleeding over into the user's power and stamina abilities, giving their taijutsu attacks more punch. No pun intended.

The speeds one can attain from this transformation might make the person seem to dissappear and reappear from one place to another instead of actual movement. This transformation is very taxxing, and should it be used, cannot be used for the rest of that day. It will leave the user very hungry and famished from energy burnout if they didn't eat a lot beforehand.

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