Body Activation
Body Activation
Romaji Unknown
English Body Activation Technique
Classification Ninjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu
Rank A
Use Transformation
Stat Mods +3 Int, +3 Spd, +4 Sta
Known Users
Yotsuki Mune

Jutsu Description

"Body Activation Technique" is a Medical Ninjutsu that allows its user to temporarily boost the physical attributes of his or her body in regard to its functions. This is derived from the Perfect Surgery Technique that allows a Medical Ninja to suppress brain functions not useful for a given operation. In this case, however, the selective functionality improvements relate to the body instead of the brain. Circulation, immune system, respiration, and healing are all magnified many times over, allowing vastly increased ability to endure injuries, press on through stress and pain that would leave most people defeated, and to continue operating at peak efficiency throughout. Muscle contractions and expansions happen faster, and some aspects of brain enhancement allow for heightened reaction time and greater clarity in regard to the five basic senses.

However, all of this comes at a price. This technique drains Chakra as long as it is active and uses up physical resources that normally go untapped, leaving this Ninjutsu's user in a very fatigued, pained, and over-all weakened state when the technique wears off. Fighting after completing the usage period of Body Activation Technique is generally not advisable, as the body and mind both will be on the verge of shutting down for a recuperative 'hibernation'. At least 12 hours of sleep are needed to get back to normal functioning, and this may need to be extended based on how hurt the Medic-Nin was during battle.

Style: Medic-Nin
Skill Requirements: 1 B-Rank transformation and the "Perfect Surgery" Heal.

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