Body Horror
Body Horror
Romaji Unknown
English Body Horror
Classification Ninjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Element N/A
Rank A
Stat Modifiers +2 Int, +3 Spd, +3 Sta, +2 Seal
Use Transformation
Known Users
Suzaku Yuri

Jutsu Description

"Body Horror" is a special Ninjutsu that employs the same specially-treated dead flesh used in the "Patchwork Horror" technique. The cover is fused with to an even greater degree by its wearer, allowing scroll-based storage seals tattoo'd onto the flesh to serve as a means of producing whatever weapons or scroll techniques are already known by the ninja, seemingly from his or her own body. The same damage resistance, enhanced senses, and increased Chakra conductivity from the Patchwork Horror technique are available, but the higher level of Chakra-bonding allows the ninja to wield weapons with the arms of scroll-stored corpses, increasing offensive potential.

Essentially, this transformational technique acts similarly to the 'Lightning Blade Creation' technique by allowing previously-sealed weapons and tools to be instantly produced from worn items or accessories, speeding up the rate of attack with said weapons or tools by not having to stop to draw them. The difference is that Body Horror allows this across the entire body.

Style: Sewing-Life Ninjutsu and Scroll Mastery, plus the Patchwork Horror transformation.

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