Body's Gift
Romaji Unknown
English Body's Gift
Classification Taijutsu
Element Unknown
Rank D
Dmg Type Sharp
Use Heal
Known Users

Body's Gift

The Okumo who has the physiological capability of creating chemicals of a beneficial nature and the bodily control to utilize those substances can wield a powerful thing. Essentially, they take the chemicals that constantly course through their veins that cause their natural regeneration and, instead of simply adding more of those chemicals into their bloodstream to increase their regeneration, they strain it, their bodily control isolating the regenerative substance and concentrating it. Afterwards, it is injected either into themselves or their patient, providing what amounts to an immediate reegenerative effect, healing the wounds of the recipient with an impressive amount of speed. Because it comes straight from the body of the Okumo, those who have healthier forms have greater effects with this technique, and those that are more attuned to their body are better able to utilize it in the straining process, the increased concentration making the chemical more potent.

English Name: Body's Gift
Hit Roll Dice: Tai+Int
Damage Roll Dice: Sta+Int
Style Recommendation: Okumo Healing Technique

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