Bone Maiden
Romaji Unknown
English Bone Maiden
Classification Taijutsu
Element Combination
Rank A-Rank
Dmg Type Sharp
Use Attack
Known Users
Kaguya Keisuke

Jutsu Description

Bone Maiden is a jutsu only useable by one gifted Shitkosumyaku Telepathy, as it requires the user to be able to control particles of bone while not touching them. To use this jutsu, the caster must either create or already have hundreds of bone particles around. The particles rise up and surround the the target on every side, creating a form like an Iron Maiden around him as the particles turn into long bone kunai knives. Once formed, the bone knives fly into the target, impaling his body all over to create as much damage on possible, targeting every organ in the body, including vital ones.

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