Brown Noise
Brown Noise
Romaji Unknown
English Brown Noise
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Sound
Rank C
Damage Type Stealth
Use Attack
Style Sound Manipulation
Skill Modifiers Area of Effect
Skill Creator
Yamayuki Clan
Known Users
Yamayuki Nozomi

Skill Description

The Yamayuki's ability to alter sound has produced a new level of sound cancellation. By setting up an oscillating pattern of sound in the immediate area, the user cancels sound in a greater area than ever before, enabling him or her to silence an entire room, even ones as noisy as a bar during peak time. In addition, with the combination of the nejigan, the user can selectively choose which sounds to cancel, allowing for normal sounds to be heard while select sounds will be canceled completely or for other sound ninjutsu to work with a greater ease than would be the case under lesser sound stealths. When used to just cloak the user, it allows for greater noise suppression, and again when in used in conjunction with the nejigan can vibrate the air to make the user appear blurry and harder to see, thus allowing the user to be hidden when sufficient cover exists by making it harder to clearly spot and identify the user.

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