Byakugan Perception II
Byakugan Perception II
Romaji Unknown
English White Eye Perception II
Classification Taijutsu (Other for wiki category), Chakra Taijutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Element None
Rank B
Damage Type STEALTH
Use Defense
Style Juuken Style
Skill Modifiers None
Skill Creator
Hyuga Clan
Known Users
Hyuga Clan, Hyuga Aru

Skill Description

Byakugan Perception is the representation of focusing chakra into an activate Byakugan in order to effectively scan the area with a wider radius and allow focus on more detail, pushing the Byakugan to a safe limit.

The scan is much more effective than the simple offhand use of Byakugan in whatever state it is in, allowing it to even penetrate chakra masking techniques.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Int
Style: Juuken Style
Skill Requirements: At least Byakugan I, 2 C-Rank Juuken Style skills, and 1 other C-Rank Taijutsu.
Skill Modifiers: None

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