Explosion Release: C1
Explosion Release: C1
Romaji N/A
English Explosion Release: C1
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Combination
Rank C
Damage Type Fire/Blunt
Use Attack
Style Explosion Manipulation
Skill Modifiers None
Hand Seals Unknown
Skill Creator
Hit Dice
Damage Dice
Known Users

Skill Description

The use of Explosion Release at it's most tactical level. The user of C1 is looking for the utility of their own chakra, aiming to focus more on using it to land a destructive blast to incapacitate rather than vaporize. Through contact of skin, the user transmits their chakra directly into any object and turns it into a lethal bomb. Kunai, shuriken, rocks, even at times pieces of clothing. Anything can be used as a weapon when charged with the user's chakra. This allows for the user to use it to a very tactical level, even using the terrain or objects to literally blast or intercept incoming attacks away from them, providing a chance to strike back or even catch an opponent off guard. The explosion is triggered by use of a single handseal and capable of causing this explosion remotely simply by focusing, with no handseal needed, but this is a rare level ofskill only documented in higher ranks of the Explosion Corps.

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