Romaji Unknown
English Cataclysm
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Chakra
Rank A
Class Offense
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users


This technique uses the power of Jigoku and Chakra shaping to create an enormous field of chakra orbs surrounding its targets and a single orb in the center, requiring him to take time to charge the attack for its sheer magnitude and power. After all the orbs are formed, they all send beams of chakra toward the orb in the center of the field, which could cause the targets to be pierced through by one or multiple beams. As the beams meet in the center, the orb in the center becomes larger and larger until it explodes out in a violent, nuclear-like explosion with an area of effect even larger than the field itself, easily toppling trees and buildings and creating a large crater in the ground.

NOTE: This skill is chargeable, and the user MUST use the +useskill Cataclysm two rounds before he or she may use this attack. If they are struck successfully during those prep rounds, the attack is lost and the user must start from scratch. In addition, using this on a populated area will likely result in many deaths of minor NPCs. Please be aware of potential IC consequences for using this skill in such a way.

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