Caustic Palm
Caustic Palm
Romaji Unknown
English Caustic Palm
Classification Taijutsu
Type Acid
Rank C
Class Offensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Kuroki Clan
Kuroki Kuoroke

Caustic Palm

This is one of the two types of tattoos given to Kuroki children around the age at which they enter the Academy to teach them to use tattoo jutsu. It is an outdated version, seen by some Kuroki as too limited in question of range and customization. Modern thinking members of the clan have mostly abandoned it in favour of tentacle tattoos. This is the original tattoo jutsu: a tattoo of flames on the hands of the user, which becomes acidic when chakra flows through the tattoo. Because the outdated design causes a continuous, if very slight, leaking of chakra, they always cause an unpleasant, burning feeling when touched with unprotected skin, even if the touch does not actually inflict any damage. In combat, it is used by sending greater amounts of chakra to the tattoos, which are directly connected to the chakra system, making them more acidic. This also causes them to glow.

This attack uses Tai + Spd to hit, and Pow + Seal for damage. Learning this jutsu requires the Chakra Tattoo Taijutsu Style.

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