Cellulokinesis Style
Cellulokinesis Style
Cellulokinesis Style
Romaji Unknown
English Cellulokinesis Style
Classification Ninjutsu
Type N/A
Rank B
Class Supplemental Style
Hand Seals N/A
Known Users
Kishi Mune

Cellulokinesis Style

This Medic-Nin Supplemental Style was developed by Kishi Mune after years of study and experimentation with the principles and lessons provided by the one that taught her conventional medicine and Medical Ninjutsu and the skills that make up Ninja Chemistry. She has expanded beyond those lessons, however, and now has the capability of creating techniques and procedures that focus specifically on the manipulation of cells and cell structures via a combination of Chakra and physical organic components. At higher levels within this Style, Chakra alone may be used to control cells, with no need for additional materials.

The difference between Cellulokinesis Style and "normal" Medical Ninjutsu is that the focus of this Style is the cells themselves, rather than the more general organs, limbs, or tissues that the cells belong to. In this way, Chakra costs are reduced, compared to the broader and potentially more wasteful "Chakra infusions" used in such skills as Mystical Palm Technique. When using Chakra alone, however, especiall for techniques of B-Rank or higher, the costs MAY be vastly increased.

Unfortunately, this Style requires a nearly superhuman attention to detail, Chakra control, and a masterful scientific understanding of cells, organelles, and how they function not only in various TYPES of organisms -- such as humans, dogs, arachnids, etc. -- but also SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS. Diagnostic Jutsu is a requirement to use this Style effectively, though it can be used at a vastly reduced effectiveness -- and potential harm to a patient -- without that technique. Cellulokinesis can be used for any feat of cell control, regardless of the subject of the technique, provided the Medic-Nin has an adequate understanding of what is being attempted and who or what it is being attempted upon. This means that offensive and defensive uses are possible as well as healing.

Style Recommendation: Medic Nin and OOC authorization/IC teaching by Mune.

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