Chakra Circulation Pill
Romaji Unknown
English Chakra Circulation Pill
Classification Food Pill
Element N/A
Rank D
Dmg Type N/A
Use Transformation
Known Users
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Jutsu Description

"Chakra Circulation Pill" is a medicinal ninja tool developed by Medic-Nin which can be carried both by Medic-Nin and other ninja into battle and used to temporarily increase and improve the flow of Chakra throughout the Chakra Network. This results in Chakra control being heightened as long as the pill remains at a certain level of concentration in the system. Information received from the five senses and the ability to sense Chakra if the subject's sensitivity towards such has already been trained sufficiently — represented by having the D-Rank "Chakra Sensitivity" defense — are passed to the brain at a faster rate than would otherwise be the case. This mean's a ninja can gather the sensory data from his or her body, and begin developing a plan of action, and then respond with greater control and efficiency in his or her Chakra with any Ninjutsu — or potentially Genjutsu — that he or she may know.

Skill Requirements: Chakra Sensitivtiy

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