Chakra Enhanced Strength
Chakra Enhanced Strength
Romaji Unknown
English Chakra Enhanced Strength
Classification Ninjutsu/Taijutsu
Type N/A
Rank A
Class Supplemental Style
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Medical Nin

Chakra Enhanced Strength

This is a technique where the user focuses Chakra into his or her hands and feet using precise Chakra control and releases it with pinpoint timing, which greatly enhances the user's strength. This style of fighting is meant more for intimidation purposes than for actual combat, but in the right hands it can turn a healer into a devastating warrior. It may even grant enough strength to allow the ninja to make gigantic craters or kill opponents with single strikes.

While some may see this fighting style as "Superhuman Strength", this technique is actually an application of Medical Ninjutsu that demands excellent concentration and Chakra control.

Style Recommendation: Medic-Nin
Skill Requirements: 3 C-Rank Medic-Nin skills and at least one B-Rank Medic-Nin skill that makes use of Chakra.

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