Chakra Leech Tag
Chakra Leech Tag
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank D Rank
Class Offensive
Known Users
Kuroenko Sekisetsu
Kokoroe Sousa
Akimichi Noab
Inuzuka Taiki
Uzumaki Miyo

Chakra Leech Tag

This seal has a special design in it that involves it working backwards. Instead of already having chakra and whatnot in it that needs to be activate, it instead is a seal that creates light. It is purposefully made in a crude fashion, making it need a high amount of chakra for a small amount of light. It is created in a way that makes it automatically take from the chakra source it is attached to until it simply burns out, the process of it burning out very quick as the chakra gate is very wide though the seal itself is rather weak, making the sudden rush of chakra damage it quickly.

The seal is usually written onto tags with adhesives on them and has to be placed right onto the person, not near them in order for it to start absorbing chakra.

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