Chakra Network Surgery
Chakra Network Surgery
Romaji Unknown
English Chakra Network Surgery
Classification Medical Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank A
Damage Type N/A
Use Skill
Style Medic Nin
Seal Mastery
Skill Modifiers N/A
Skill Creator
Inuzuka Taiki
Known Users
Inuzuka Taiki

Skill Description

A much more advanced version of Chakra Network heal, this skill operates under the same rules as its lesser power version. The user applies a seal that sends tendrils of seal information throughout a person's chakra network. This enables a holographic image of the patient's entire network, down to the most minute levels, to float above the patient. By pooling healing chakra into the seal, the user can then alter the person's network in unique and permanent ways, even if it goes against the patient's genetics. New paths can be formed, old paths can be cut off, widened, or even smoothed out, allowing for more easily accessible chakra flows within the patient's body. This, however, takes time to perform, and requires the user's complete attention, thus both the patient and the user must be fairly immobile, save for the use of the users hands to direct the flow of the seals and surgical chakra. This precludes the use of the skill in combat situations, as significant damage to the patient's chakra network may occur should the user be interrupted during the surgery. Furthermore, the user is likely to be very tired for days, if not weeks, after the use of this skill, depending on the difficulty of the surgery, as their entire focus and not little amount of stamina and chakra are funneled into this healing technique.

The exhaustion this technique causes could be an even trade-off considering the sheer power of this skill. As the skill can alter chakra pathways, clearing them and healing them beyond what is already there from genetics. It is possible for the user to repair crippled chakra networks -such as the erratic chakra network flaw-, render seals up to its own rank useless by disengaging the patient's chakra network from the seal itself, and even clear out significant amounts of volatile chakra, such as bijuu, demon, or other similar types of chakra. It can even start to mitigate higher levels of seals, though completely removing the influence of S or S+ rank seals is still beyond the reach of this technique. It can, however, allow the patient control over certain parts of the seals, such as lessening the negative influences of S ranked cursed seals as an example. Using this skill to remove flaws such as cursed seals and erratic chakra networks should be discussed with staff before the surgery takes place.

Due to the very nature of this skill, it cannot be used as the basis for forming attacks.

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