Chemical Augmentation
Chemical Augmentation
Chemical Augmentation
Romaji Unknown
English Chemical Augmentation
Classification Ninjutsu
Type N/A
Rank A
Class Supplemental
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Medical Nin

Chemical Augmentation

Chemical Augmentation has two purposes. It allows the enhancement of NPCs — generally minion-types, including 'Minion TF' NPCs — or the alteration of Stats for PCS.

For NPCs this is purely an RP Skill. For PCs, Chemical Augmentation uses a combination of Ninjutsu and augmenting drugs to allow a Medic-Nin to alter the stats of himself or herself, or even another person! However, side-effects may occur if a given process or substance is not thoroughly tested. This typically means a decrease in one area of ability at the same time that another area is increased.

NOTE: Essentially, what this skill allows is for a Medic-Nin with Chemical Augmentation to shift one stat point from one Stat to a different Stat at the cost of 1 PP per Stat point for the "patient". The patient CAN be the USER of this skill. Alternately, by spending his or her own PP a Medic-Nin can raise an Ally's Stat total in the same manner as is described near the bottom of +news SkillCosts, under the "Stats" heading. All stat alterations are subject to Staff approval, and this does NOT allow either breaking the Stat Tier caps or going below 1 or over 10 in any Stat.

Style Recommendation: Medic-Nin and Pharmacology Style.
Skill Requirements: 1 B-Rank Medic-Nin Ninjutsu, 1 B-Rank Pharmacology jutsu, and 1 other B-Rank Ninjutsu.

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