Clematis Vine
Clematis Vine
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Combination
Rank A
Class Offensive

Clematis Vine

A truly vicious attack with the spine of a Kaguya either branching from the original, or quite literally being their own spine freshly pulled from thier bodies. The vertebrae of the spine are made to be jagged and sharp as well as increadibly hard while the joints remain flexible, but also have the ability to become ridgid with the control of a Kaguya at this level. The Clematis Vine is usually used to ensnare the opponent in the viciously barbed spine, and escape is nearly impossible once it connects. Movement is increadibly restricted as any movement causes massive amounts of pain and damage as well as the bones being simply too hard to be plyable to the victom. The control over the whip like weapon allows for a strike that can go beyond the speed of sound like most ordinary whips, thus it is truly an attack to fear.

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